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Attention Musicians and Bands!

Over 550 million listeners (and counting) have enjoyed ArtistFirst Radio Programming! 

The current 2020 average listenership to the ArtistFirst Radio Series Featured Music Specials  is now over 89,000 per show! 

Our mission is to help Independent Musicians and Bands get the exposure they deserve. 

In a continuing effort to help independent bands worldwide, ArtistFirst Radio offers "Featured Music Specials", a LIVE one-hour prime-time worldwide RADIO SHOW about you and your music. 

Since 1996, over 11,800 independent Bands and Musicians have already shared the ArtistFirst Radio Network microphones as well as numerous big label and high profile "Big Name" Musicians, Celebrities and Sports Personalities.  Click here to see who's been on lately

ArtistFirst is a Web Radio Station & Worldwide Broadcaster. We send a clean clear static-free FM Stereo signal worldwide 24/7, and have since last century! We are among the oldest, best, and most trusted independent artist networks on the planet. There are over 3,300 past shows available free for downloading on our Archive site that over 150,000 people use each day!

Even though we often host celebrity guests from "Big Name" Publishers, Record Labels, TV and Cinema and Sports, the vast majority of our show content is devoted to Independent Bands, Musicians, Authors and Amateur Athletes. 

Anyone online can tune-in on their PC, cell phone, or wi-fi device anywhere in the world by clicking:  

or logging on to and clicking an "On Air" button. Click to Listen LIVE 

The ArtistFirst Radio Network has been very successful in helping independent Musicians and Bands get heard worldwide since 1996.  ArtistFirst is The original and unique network of independent artists that puts the Artist - First! (what a concept!) 

An ArtistFirst Host interviews you LIVE over the phone, for about an hour, all the time  discussing your life, playing your music, and informing folks why they should buy it.   We call it INFO-TAIN-MENT. Once we schedule a show, you send us some music to play and a number to reach you and we go live! We can even have the whole band on at once if you wish.

Click here to listen to some past Featured Music Specials 

Our hosts will often read e-mails such as questions and comments from listeners, LIVE on-air as they come in during your broadcast.

Listeners follow along as we direct them to your website & post stuff about you on our website. Web Radio listeners regularly surf the web while they listen to our station. ArtistFirst Radio is interactive radio worldwide.

While your show is airing live worldwide, the station engineer is also making a high-quality recording of the show. A few days later the show recording will be posted to the Archive section of our web site, where it will remain indefinitely.

Anyone can listen to the show immediately for free, and save a copy, load it to their iPod or perhaps burn a CD.  Also, your show audio can easily be copied and posted to your website/facebook/Instagram etc.! 

And yes you can afford it because there is no set fee. We only ask the Artist to make a donation to the station in ANY amount they wish. No kidding. Whatever you wish! Name your price for air-time and a 1-hour music showcase radio infomercial that will exist in cyberspace probably forever! 

Donations and some ad revenues sustain our unique experiment to help independent Musicians and Authors.

Our motto remains: We Can Lose Money Better Than Anyone!  Your donation in any amount helps keep the dream alive, and affordable for all Independent Authors.

By accepting a donation based policy, ANY Band or Author, regardless of financial status, can be included in this series. We try to help everyone.

What's your plan to reach tens of thousands of listeners, for an hour for whatever donation you care to donate and then have that show available indefinitely worldwide free for anyone to download?


If you would like to schedule a Featured Music Special, please contact us by e-mail at or calling the station at 330-823-2264. (24/7)

We have instructions and information we can e-mail you if you'd like to prepare for a LIVE show.




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