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AUTHORS WANTED! (Bands Wanted Also!)

 The current average listenership to The "Authors-First Show" on ArtistFirst Radio is over 84,000 per show and rising!

Over 220 million listeners have enjoyed ArtistFirst Radio in just the past 47 months!

In a continuing effort to help independent authors worldwide, ArtistFirst Radio’s "Authors-First Show: is a LIVE one-hour prime-time worldwide radio broadcast about you and your book on the ArtistFirst World Radio Network!  

Over 8,000 independent authors have already shared the ArtistFirst Radio Network microphones as well as numerous best-selling "big name" authors and celebrities. Click here to see who's been on lately.

ArtistFirst is a Web Radio Station & Worldwide Broadcaster. We send a clean clear static-free FM Stereo signal worldwide 24/7. We are among the oldest, best, and most trusted independent author networks on the planet. There are over 4,000 past shows available free for downloading on our web site that over 150,000 people use every day!

Much of our content is independent authors, music, interviews and weekly shows.

Anyone can tune-in on their smart phone, PC, wi-fi radio, tablet, laptop, or any internet device anywhere in the world by clicking: or logging on to and clicking an "On Air" button.

An ArtistFirst Host interviews you LIVE on-air over the phone, for about an hour, all the time discussing your life, your book and why folks should buy it.

We call it "info-tain-ment". You send us some material in advance of the show, and our host will use those materials to make the interview interesting and engaging. Our hosts will often read e-mails such as questions and comments from listeners, LIVE on-air as they come in during your broadcast.

Listeners are directed to your website, and we post stuff about you and your book on our website.

While your show is airing live worldwide, the station engineer is also recording a copy of the show. A few days later the show copy will be posted to the Archive section of our web site, where it will remain indefinitely. Anyone can listen to the archive immediately for free. You are free to download your show’s archive and post it to your website or anywhere else you want.

And yes you can afford it because there is no set fee. We only ask the author to make a donation to the station in ANY amount they choose. No kidding. Whatever you wish! Name your price for airtime and a 1-hour showcase radio infomercial that will exist in cyberspace probably forever!

Your donation in any amount helps keep the dream alive, and affordable for all Independent Authors. By accepting a donation based policy, ANY author, regardless of financial status, can be included in this series.

What’s your plan to reach tens of thousands of listeners, for an hour..... for whatever donation you care to make?

Authors-First is a Promotional broadcast partnership designed to get authors the exposure they deserve. And honestly, if an author is not willing to put even a few bucks into their own promotion, why should someone else be expected to pick up the entire tab?

If you would like to appear on The Authors-First program, please contact us by e-mail at , or call the station at 330-823-2264. (24/7)

See you on the air! "We put the Author First".


Founded in1996, ArtistFirst was the first network ever to use the combination of the internet, web streaming and podcast archiving to promote Independent Artists.

A model that has now spread worldwide.