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The Kevin Zimmerman Show

ArtistFirst Radio is proud to have this outstanding American on our roster!

Kevin has retired from his weekly show however all his past shows are below for your listening enjoyment.





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       Kevin Zimmerman is committed to our US Service Members. His show is dedicated to them and their families but applicable to all. He carries the mantle, advocating nationally on their behalf. His book A Time For Everything; The Kevin Zimmerman Story, became a permanent part of American History by being accepted into the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. The book also became a permanent part of US Military History when it was accepted into US Army's Department of Medicine Museum at Fort Sam Houston, TX. Due to his Bosnian experience he now has a life-long commitment to bring wholesome inspiration, information and entertainment to his listening audience. The Kevin Zimmerman Show helps to provide support for our service members and their families. Proceeds raised from both the book and show are donated to Wounded Warriors Support Organizations. By faith, his campaign has gone nationwide, as he lobby's to bridge the gap between our veterans and the communities they live in. You can purchase Kevin's book today by logging onto any major bookstore to include, Barnes and and You can also purchase the book at a 20% discounted rate by logging onto



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May 2017 Show

Sergeant Major Stevens and Jamilah

May 2017 was Military Appreciation Month and The Kevin Zimmerman Show was honored to have Sergeant Major Stevens and Jamilah from the Black Military Spouses (BMW) as featured guests. Sergeant Major Stevens is a native of Alabama who joined the Army in June 1984 and served honorable for 32 years, retiring in November 2016. Jamilah is a military spouse and mother of 2, born and raised in Marin County, California. She is a graduated from San Diego State University with a double-major in Psychology and Spanish, and earned her Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, Jamilah create the non-profit organization Black Military Wives Support Network and the business Black Military Wives, LLC. Together Sergeant Major Stevens and Jamilah did a wonderful job sharing their personal experiences and insight on why our military should be appreciated. Great show!

March 2017 Show

Dr. Sylvia LaFair

Dr. Sylvia LaFair, PhD, the author of the book Unique. Dr. She is also the co-founder and CEO of Creative Energy options ( and known for her groundbreaking leadership education methods. She began her career in psychology to explore why people do what they do in personal relationships. Seeing the connection between how families behave and how work teams operate, she developed corporate team building activities to stop office politics and enhance team communication and collaboration. Dr. Lafair’s professional coaching programs have been utilized internationally, and her unique Pattern Aware™ concepts have proven effective worldwide. Visit her site at

February 2017 Show

Derek Chatman

Derek Chatman, the author of The Middle Grade serial novel series, The Legend of Virginia Smalls and the motivational book, Don’t be a Fool Go to School. Why College is for You. Several years ago Derek decided to follow his passion for writing and dedicated his life to helping others live the life of dreams. You can contact Derek at

January 2017 Show

Kevin Zimmerman

Kevin Zimmerman, co-author of A Time For Everything; The Kevin Zimmerman Story shares some insight on how easy it is to self-publish your own book. Having done so himself, he was also able to share some of the great results that came from his doing so. His book resides in the US Army Medical Museum and in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture making him a permanent part of US and Military History. You can contact Kevin Zimmerman at

December 2016 Show

Taya Renae Kyle


Taya Renae Kyle is an American author, political commentator, and military veteran's family activist. Known as the widow of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, she was portrayed by Sienna Miller in the 2014 film American Sniper about her husband's life.

September 2016 Show

Daniel & Jaquiline Anderson

Details to Post

August 2016 Show

Daniel & Jaquiline Anderson

Details to post.

June 2016 Show

Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett is known worldwide; at least her voice is. Many of us love her support and some of us have been agitated beyond words. No matter if we are happy with her or not, her temperament seems to remain the same. She’s been on The David Letterman Show, The Queen Latifah Show and on CNN, tonight she is with us for the 4 Year Anniversary of The Kevin Zimmerman Show. Meet Susan Bennett –The VOICE of SIRI. Susan shares with us how she came from behind the voice to the national stage. She even lets us hear Siri from time to time. I you need to reach Susan Bennett for a speaking engagement contact her at

May 2016 Show

Pastor Bill Jenkins

Pastor Bill Jenkins is the Author of The New Prophetic Almanac 2016 and the founder and senior pastor of the Church of ACTS in Indianapolis, Indiana and Destinyland Christian Center in Ontario, California.  Pastor Bill also hosts his own television program on TBN and is honored to host the Praise The Lord program in Indiana. Rapidly becoming known as an apostle of God with a prophetic voice, he works to release a message of hope in our world. With deep spiritual revelation and insight from God's word, Pastor Bill takes the toughest passages of scripture and explains them in a practical and interesting way. He is the “go-to-guy" when it comes to understanding the biblical numbers and their spiritual significance. A devoted husband and father, his passion is for others to become successful as they apply the principles of Christ.

3-24-16 Show

Kevin Zimmerman

Kevin Zimmerman performs a monologue touching on subjects such as why Easter comes in different months, has Easter become to commercialized, the presidential campaign and the Carry The Load Memorial Day event. He also introduces an Electrical Smooth Jazz Sound from the CD Not Too Active by YPEY music out of Paris France.

1-28-16 Show

Susan Deselle

Susan Deselle is a successful real estate agent in Little Rock, AR. At one point in her life she faced an issue that could not be negotiated. Her husband, Michael, a former Navy corpsman and past chair of the AR Prostate Cancer foundation was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Susan also won the 2015 AR Prostate Cancer Foundation Woman of the Year award. Log on and here how this small business owner navigated her way though this trying time facing her family. On this show she is also joined by her husband Michael Deselle, who is the former chair for the foundation and also by Dr. Patrick Presley, the Director of Development . To learn more about The AR Prostate Cancer Foundation log onto .


Kathy Taberner

Kirsten Taberner-Siggins

Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner-Siggins are the authors of “The Power of Curiosity: How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding." They have been featured in Fast Company, Inc. com, Huffington Post Blog, Moms Magazine, Smart Coos, Expertpreneur Radio and Vancouver Breakfast Television. Listen to this great interview. You can reach Kathy and Kirsten at


Suzanne Lindsey


Suzanne Lindsey is a 40 year old, a mother of two boys and wife to a terrific man. She is serving the country in the US Army, and have been for almost over 6 years now. She was deployed to Afghanistan in conjunction with OEF from 2010-2011. She is  a college graduate who enjoys spending time with her family on vacations and playing with her dog. She has worked in many fields throughout her civilian and military career, such as food service, banking, the hotel industry and more.


Markiesah Brown

Markeisha Brown is on a mission to help homeless women that are veterans, with or without children become economically sustainable in society. Her goals are to provide training and counsel to homeless veteran women to develop self-sufficiency skills; to empower veteran women through education and intellectual development.  *Develop programs for veteran women to have a sound understanding of what to do when facing financial and emotional crisis in order to eradicate social inequalities; to provide health, job training, and housing facilities for veteran women and to become the vessel of support for female veterans across America and successfully integrate these women into society. You can reach Markeisha at


Dr. Mimi Johnson

Dr. Mimi Johnson is an Educator, Minister, Transformation Expert, and Certified Life Empowerment Coach. She shares her Pain to Power story to model and mentor to women so that they will learn to stand in their power and create the life they want to live. She conducts seminars, workshops, speaks, and coaches. It is her passion and purpose to see others develop dreams and goals that will lead to living the life they crave. You can reach Dr. Johnson at


Elizabeth Upton

Elizabeth Upton is a motivational speaker and acclaimed author of novels such as, “The Shaman and The Mafia,” and other non-fiction literature. She is thrilled to share her autobiography, “Secrets of A Nun: My Own Story.” Elizabeth lived under the rule of sheltered convent life for more than 20 years, working dangerous assignments in the streets of Harlem while helping the poor. Upon leaving the convent, Elizabeth experienced a profound spiritual change that strengthened her relationship with her faith. You can reach Elizabeth at


Kathy Taberner

Kirsten Taberner-Siggins

Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner-Siggins are the authors of “The Power of Curiosity: How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding." They have been featured in Fast Company, Inc. com, Huffington Post Blog, Moms Magazine, Smart Coos, Expertpreneur Radio and Vancouver Breakfast Television. Listen to this great interview. You can reach Kathy and Kirsten at


Jillian Lambert

Jillian Lambert, MS, is the author of inspirational book, “Real Pain Real Peace,” wellness book, “Real Health Real Life,” and stretch/relaxation video/DVD “Real Serenity.” She has a M.S. in holistic nutrition and certified in Living/Raw Foods. She has a variety of fitness certifications, worked with top rated spas and even created a mechanical bull fitness class! In addition to her fitness and nutrition certifications, Jillian is also certified in feng shui, completed various personal growth trainings, and holds a B.S. in psychology. Jillian currently lives in on the Texas coast, near Mother Ocean.


Pastor Bill Jenkins

Pastor Jenkins is the founder and senior Pastor of the Church of ACTS in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has served in full time ministry for over 27 years. Pastor Jenkins a renowned conference speaker, life coach and an award winning author. His latest book is titled 15. He has been recognized by the Mayor of Indianapolis as a community service leader and by the Minority Business Men as a “Man of Distinction”. He has been featured in Charisma magazine on The Trinity Broadcasting Network. Check out Pastor Jenkins and the Church of Acts at


Michelle Memnon

Michelle Memnon is the CEO/Founder/Visionary of Spiritually Fabulous Ministries. Her ministry is a nonprofit organization with a strategic goal to uplift individuals' spirits and help them establish a closer relationship with God. She aspires to help make this world a better place by unifying individuals and encouraging them to walk in God's Will. Her mission is to enrich the lives of all God's children lovingly, mentally, physically, righteously, socially, and foremost spiritually. You can visit Michelle at


LT Lewis

L.T. Lewis teaches and guides individuals and groups towards a more joyful, healthy and abundant faith-filled life by practically applying the wisdom of the Word! She facilitates this in a creatively energizing way with life-changing impact through workshops, conferences, and her “Rapid Achievement & Change” mentoring sessions. She is the Founder & CEO of Kick Boxing Believers, L.L.C. a transformational business dedicated to helping individuals identify and abolish–kick the limiting beliefs, i.e.–boxes in their lives. She helps them to: 1) get clear; 2) get perspective, and 3) get support. She is also a contributing author to “The Fearless Living Experience: Bold & Empowered Women Share Their Triumph Over Life’s Curveballs” an anthology available at her website. You can reach L.T. Lewis at .


Emily Filloramo 

Emily swept negative memories under the rug. She wore the mask of perfection and suffered silently with emptiness and self-pity, hoping that money, status, stuff and keeping up with the Joneses would bring joy and fulfillment. It didn’t. Her buried negative memories exploded into a one year battle with depression in my early 40’s. Emily’s life has come full circle. Her old “mess” has become her message. The wounds of her life were the greatest gifts she has ever been given. You can reach Emily at


Steven Roberts

Steven Roberts was getting ready to go to college when his sister was involved in a car wreck. Afterwards his parents said to him, “we had to use the money to pay for the medical bills, there's no money available for college," and "you'll have to figure it out." Well, Steven did figure it out. He received 11 scholarships and grants, two prestigious scholarships, worked as a teaching assistant and research assistant, and other venues. Steven is now known as the College Cash Champion. To learn more from Steven you can reach him at ,


Audrey L. Godwin


Fearless Financial Mastery Expert Audrey L. Godwin conducts her first of multiple Financial series on The Kevin Zimmerman Show. Audrey shares with us the "grass root" and basic principles needed to start living a financially healthy life. Audrey will appear on The Kevin Zimmerman Show on a quarterly basis doing her financial series as she "Pays It Forward" helping to strengthen households all across the country.  You can contact Audrey at



Jill Caryl Weiner

Jill Caryl Weiner is a journalist and author who has covered parenting, people, New York and sports for clients 
including The New York Times, New York Magazine, Family Circle and Mom.365. She recently broke into book writing with When We Became Three: A Memory Book for the Modern Family which is recommended for new and expectant parents by  and Psychology Today and called “the most clever and creative memory book ever” by blogger Carpool Goddess. She is proud that her book gives new parents a funny, optimistic and romantic keepsake to record their memories in. Jill can be reached at


Bart Sherwood

Bart Sherwood is a Co-Founder of the ‘Train a Dog – Save a Warrior’ (TADSAW) program, which was part of the Penny’s From Heaven Foundation, in San Antonio, Texas. His education spanned almost a decade and took him from Texas A&M University to Kansas State University and finally settling at Temple University School of Pharmacy. While enrolled, he served in the U.S. Army Reserves, and today considers himself a “Weekend Veteran” limited to one weekend a month and 2-weeks during the summer.
In 2012, Bart founded TADSAW, INC. as a separate 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, from the parent PFHF. Today, he continues to serves as President of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Program Director, and any other role that needs to be filled.


Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney is described as the ultimate coach and advocate. She is an Author, Podcaster, World Traveler and HuffPost blogger who guides people on the path of “Living Happy – Inside Out.” A former corporate manager, business owner and home schooling mom, she stepped out of her comfort zone to pursue a new lifestyle career and invited others to join her along the way. Maura’s story of learning how to dance at age 50 launched her Art of Happiness series and the beginning of fun, ironic and sometimes profound inspiration. Featured in media outlets like, Midlife Boulevard, Serbian lifestyle TV and Britain’s BBC, Maura can be seen everywhere from around the block to around the globe searching for great people, great stories and good news to share. She just returned after a month in the Balkans where she spoke at four universities and an international business conference. When not chatting about leadership, influence and comfort zones, she is likely looking for another reason to laugh and be happy. You can find her at .


Christine Williams

Christine Williams, author of the book “Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children” ministers and serves within all of the fivefold ministry callings. Chris first heard Jesus Christ speak to her through His Holy Spirit in 1988, and in 1989 she made a commitment to come daily and listen to Him. Jesus has spoken and written through her every day since then. During the last twenty-seven years, God has not ceased working and teaching through her in order to give all of His Children the same gift — daily conversations and Spiritual intimacy with the Holy Trinity. Chris considers this calling one of the greatest gifts God has given her. Today, through books, the internet, and personal seminars and classes, Chris assists Jesus correct the misconception “that God is at His best when not heard.” You can reach Christ at


Shelby Kearney

Vicki Rawlings

Shelby Kearney is Founder & CEO of Pop’s House, Inc. and Vicki Rawlings is the President & Board Member of the organization. Together they ensure that the mission of Pop’s House is to assist veterans and ex-offenders who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in their efforts to achieve ultimate independence and self-sufficiency. As such, it serves the whole person and their varied needs. Shelby named this not-for-profit Pop’s House in honor of her father who taught her the meaning of hard work and the importance of compassion for those in need.


Jennifer Lynn McGraw

Jennifer Lynn McGraw is the author of the book Navigate with Soul – From Hell to Heaven which will be released in June. Hear this inspirational true story about a journey to over-come life’s obstacles against all odds. She recounts her abusive childhood that still haunts her today as an adult and how she found herself caught up in an Internet love triangle that turns out to be so wrong. In a time of online dating this information could not be more timely.


Pastor Jenkins

Pastor Jenkins is the founder and senior Pastor of the Church of ACTS in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has served in full time ministry for over 27 years. Pastor Jenkins a renowned conference speaker, life coach and an award winning author. His latest book is titled 15. He has been recognized by the Mayor of Indianapolis as a community service leader and by the Minority Business Men as a “Man of Distinction”. He has been featured in Charisma magazine on The Trinity Broadcasting Network. Check out Pastor Jenkins and the Church of Acts at


Dr. Caroline Sakai

Dr. Sakai, formerly Chief Clinical Therapist at Kaiser Permanente, made many trips to Rwanda, collecting data on the outcomes of her treatments. This has led to several studies published in peer-reviewed journals. She describes her work in her new book, “Overcoming Adversity: How Energy Tapping Transforms Your Life's Worst Experiences: A Primer for Post-Traumatic Growth,” published by award-winning publisher Energy Psychology Press. It contains 23 deeply moving stories of orphans like Angelique, whose entire village was slaughtered, as well as Kaiser patients like Josh, who was suicidal after years of fighting depression.


Dr. Clete Bulach

Dr. Cletus R. Bulach is a retired Ohio school superintendent and associate professor emeritus at the University of West Georgia. He is the author of numerous articles in educational journals and is co-author of the book Creating a Culture for A High Performing School: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform, Dropout Prevention, and Bullying Behavior. The reform and school culture described in the book create a learning environment where students’ five basic needs are met. This leads to improved test scores and a 75% reduction in student discipline and misbehavior problems. Visit Dr. Bulach at .


Audrey L. Godwin


SHE'S BACK! Fearless Financial Mastery Expert Audrey L. Godwin conducts her first of multiple Financial series on The Kevin Zimmerman Show. Audrey shares with us the "grass root" and basic principles needed to start living a financially healthy life. Audrey will appear on The Kevin Zimmerman Show on a quarterly basis doing her financial series as she "Pays It Forward" helping to strengthen households all across the country. As a bonus, she has committed to appearing on Nov 13th, to prepare our minds to deal with the holiday season. You can contact Audrey at



Mrs. Okeema Woods

Okeema Woods is the author of the book Love Me. In Love Me, Okeema provides a narrative about the importance of love and of the importance of a parent’s involvement in the lives of their children. Based on interviews with elementary, middle school, and high school students, she offers advice for all parents to pay close attention to their children instead of making them rely on the Internet and search engines for life-affirming information.


Sporty King

Sporty King is a visionary and former Wall Street Journal executive and powerful, impactful and fun speaker. He has an inspirational message for adults which resonates with young people. Sporty loves helping bridge the gap in generational communication. His signature keynote speech, How to Be UGLY, interactively reminds audiences to be Unique, Gifted, Lovable You en-route to becoming better communicators, overshadowing negativity with a creative focus on the positive. Contact him at


Mary Ellen Ciganovic

Mary Ellen Ciganovich is the author of Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire.” It was published by Tate Publishing and released on February 22, 2011. She also speaks to many groups on topics ranging from, ”Awareness of the Self” to “Parenting” and “Healing Relationships.” In addition she speaks to groups on the topics of Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis. Her book Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire was entered for nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for 2012. You can reach Merry Ellen at


Yvonne Pierre

Yvonne Pierre is a survivor who has overcome years of childhood sexual abuse, rape and the murder of her father that led to self-destructive behavior at an early age. Yet she was determined to turn her life around and obtained her education after graduating from an alternative high school. She could barely read when she graduated high school and had to fight hard to get into college, but that didn’t stop her. In fact, it made her more determined. Today, Yvonne Pierre is an award-winning writer. She now holds four degrees: two Associates in Accounting and Business Management, Bachelors in Marketing and an Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA). For more information, visit .

January Jones

January Jones is an AUTHOR of 5 books, a TALK SHOW HOST on iheart,com Talk4Media@iHeart Radio and BlogTalkRadio with over 2,000,000+ listeners. She is a KENNEDY EXPERT, a REALITY TV GOLF PERSONALITY, a RADIO & TELEVISION GUEST PERSONALITY, a CRUISE SHIP SPEAKER on Norwegian Cruise Lines and a HUMORIST & WHINE-OLOGIST. January shares with us her book Thou Shalt Not Whine-The Eleventh Commandment. You can contact January at

Dan Frank

Dan Frank is the CEO of VetAdvisor. VetAdvisor is the nation’s expert in veteran-centric integrative care. They provide proactive coaching services across behavioral health, wellness, financial, and all aspects of transition and career development. The training staff works with organizations to help them more effectively recruit, retain, and interface with veterans.

Abby Kohut

Abby Kohut, better known as Absolute Abby is the President of Staffing Symphony, LLC and the author of “Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets”. She has held positions from recruiter to consultant to Senior Director of Recruiting for companies in 8 different industries. Her website, was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes magazine. Abby teaches candidates secrets and the Absolute truth about the job search process that other recruiters won't tell you. Abby is currently on a mission traveling the country to help 1 million job seekers. You can reach Abby at

J.L. Robb

Author J.L. Robb makes another appearance on shares with us his 4th release of The End, The book series. JL was forced to leave his birthplace of Highpoint N.C. and move to South Georgia to escape the Polio epidemic of that time. There, as a 5th grader, he read the book of Revelations and became intrigued about the "End Times." Growing up he lived life on the wild side until 1979, when he watched the movie "The Late Great Planet Earth." Those footsteps lead Jerry to write a fascinating series of books for a non believer, "The End The Book. You can contact Jerry at

Maria Spencer

Maria Spencer has lived in San Antonio for over 30 years, she knows San Antonio and the surrounding areas very well. This city’s cultural diversity and its festive personality make it a great place to live. It is where she built her home and raised her family. After a few years as an educator and associate producer for educational documentaries and film, Maria worked as a project manager with Regent Builders, building custom homes and commercial buildings. That experience taught her attention to detail, property knowledge and how to provide the best customer service while giving her the background necessary to represent you well in a real estate transaction.

Living in San Antonio all those years, she has made great connections with Military families, and friends. Maria has seen firsthand their struggles and triumphs. That is why she was moved to be certified as a US Military on the Move Realtor. Maria believes that US Military on the Move is the best program in the country to not only assist Military families and personnel in buying of selling their homes but also gifting them with a cash rebate. It is her way of saying thank you to those who sacrificed so much for each one of us and our country.

Theresa Cates


Theresa Cates is an acrylic paint artist from Little Rock, AR. Theresa began sketching to escape the pain of an abusive childhood and it was not until she was an adult did she switch from sketching to acrylic painting after someone asked her, 'do you paint?' She simply responded, 'I don't know, I've never tried.' Now she is well-known for her work and has even painted a mural for the City of Little Rock. Theresa travels the nation painting live with singing, a spoken word, dancers and a mime with her company, Majestic Motions. You can see her work at her Etsy Store and visit Theresa on her Facebook.

Audrey L. Godwin


Fearless Financial Mastery Expert Audrey L. Godwin conducts her first of multiple Financial series on The Kevin Zimmerman Show. Audrey shares with us the "grass root" and basic principles needed to start living a financially healthy life. Audrey will appear on The Kevin Zimmerman Show on a quarterly basis doing her financial series as she "Pays It Forward" helping to strengthen households all across the country. As a bonus, she has committed to appearing on Nov 13th, to prepare our minds to deal with the holiday season. You can contact Audrey at

Thomas Torrey

Thomas Torrey Vice President of Short Form Programming for INSP, a family entertainment cable network in 80 million US households. He oversees all production for the company’s short film initiative, which is a public service creating inspirational content for broadcast and the web. He has written over 80 scripted & documentary short films produced to date for the initiative, with topics including patriotism, adoption, faith, family, redemption, and aging. Star talent and notable subjects featured include Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, Kirk Cameron, Ricky Skaggs, Edward James Olmos, DeVon Franklin, Earl Hamner and the late Ralph Waite. He wrote and directed the short film Thank You For Your Service, which has over 1.7 million YouTube views, was honored by the United States Government, and featured on ABC’s The View. Wrote and directed Old Henry, a long-form TV special starring Ralph Waite in his final starring role. Project was nominated for a CableFax Programming Award and won a New York Festivals Film & TV award.

Frenetta Tate

Frenetta Tate has been a motivational speaker for over ten years. Frenetta has an unquenchable authentic desire to be the launching pad where inspiration, dreams and hopes are birthed or rebirthed, restored, refreshed and rejuvenated. She comes to light a fire and to bring clarity and empowerment to those who seek a better existence, in their lives and in their business pursuits. Speaking Topics: Conquer Self-Sabotage, Out of Comfort; In To Purpose, Powerhouse Life Principles, Personal Success Positioning, and Excellent Event Execution. To contact Frenetta go to

Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris


Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris' Humvee hit an IED while on patrol in Iraq in February of 2007. In that blast he lost his ears, part of his nose, some fingers and over a third of the skin on his body. He also lost three of his best friends. What followed was an agonizing road to recovery, which began with nearly two months in a medically induced coma. During that time he experienced a version of hell so terrifying, the memories still haunt him today. Harris shares his inspiring story in his memoir, Steel Will: My Journey Through Hell to Become the Man I was Meant to Be. You can reach Shilo at .

Glenn Goree

Glenn Goree has thirty years of counseling experience. He and his wife served as missionaries in Rhodesia, Africa, from 1975 to 1980. During the terrorist war afflicting the country he served in the civilian/paramilitary counter insurgence programs. He later became a medic in the Rhodesian Army. After he returned to Texas, he established Glenn Goree and Associates. He has worked as a mental health in North and Central Africa and Afghanistan. His book Soular Eclipse answers the questions ... What is the nature of the Darkness? What is the light that pulls us away from the darkness and Can we survive this common war? See why Glenn says the answer is YES.

Ms. Camay McClure


Ms. Camay McClure has become the resounding voice of the upper Northwest. She is the Talk show host of The Ms Camay Show, 1150 AM, KKNW, Alternative Talk Radio. She is also an American Beauty Plus Size Queen Lifetime National Title holder. She shares with us her story of rekindling family relationships the ultimately led to her appearance in the 68th Annual Aloha Festival, representing her Hawaiian heritage by riding in the Aloha Festival Floral Parade representing her National Lifetime Title. Listen to her remarkable story. You can reach Camay at

Audrey L. Godwin


Fearless Financial Mastery Expert Audrey L. Godwin conducts her first of multiple Financial series on The Kevin Zimmerman Show. Audrey shares with us the "grass root" and basic principles needed to start living a financially healthy life. Audrey will appear on The Kevin Zimmerman Show on a quarterly basis doing her financial series as she "Pays It Forward" helping to strengthen households all across the country. As a bonus, she has committed to appearing on Nov 13th, to prepare our minds to deal with the holiday season. You can contact Audrey at

Valerie Goree

American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Award winner Valerie Massey Goree resides with her husband in the Texas Hill Country northwest of San Antonio. After serving as missionaries in Zimbabwe and raising two children, Glenn and Valerie returned to Texas. She worked in the public school system for many years, focusing on students with special needs. Now retired, Valerie spends her time writing and spoiling her grandchildren. Valerie’s latest book, Colors of Deceit is now available. To learn more about Valerie’s books, go to

Albert Mensah

Originally from the impoverished African nation of Ghana, Albert Mensah has emerged to become an internationally-recognized motivational speaker, corporate consultant, and coach. While serving top companies throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, his life story—a journey from rags to riches—has inspired audiences everywhere. Known as the “Ambassador of Opportunity”, Albert is an expert in the area of change. Rather than being feared, change is something that should be embraced. By doing so, listeners discover how they, too, can attain new heights personally and professionally. His high-energy presentations, engaging messages, and captivating storytelling ability enable him to motivate his audiences to embrace change, viewing change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle or inconvenience. You can contact Albert at

Amy Tiemeyer

Amy Tiemeyer has been an advocate and volunteer behind the scenes in Joint Base Lewis McChord community, both on and off post for more than 10 years. As a child of a veteran, spouse of a veteran and current Air Force reservist, along with being a veteran herself she knows the challenges and jumps into any roll that will help other veterans and their families. She grew up here in Tacoma and after her time in the service she eventually returned home to raise her kids close to her family and the city she loves. Amy Tiemeyer's current volunteer positions are: Air Force Association President McChord Field, Captain Meriwether-Lewis Director of Corporate Membership, DuPont AUSA Subchapter President, University Place AUSA subchapter Financial Advisor, Young Business Men (YBM) curriculum coordinator, Navy League Executive council, and USO Shilo center volunteer. It is clear why Amy is a highly sought after panelist for the Empowered To Empower You, Businesses Paying It Forward, Honoring Those Who Serve Our Country Conference.

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a transformational speaker, national best-selling author of two books, business consultant, and love relationships mentor and success coach to hundreds. She’s been featured in magazines such as Black Enterprise, Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, and Woman’s Day; has been a popular guest on over 40 radio shows; and has been a TV show guest on CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, C-SPAN, numerous regional news shows, and the Wisdom Channel. She is Creator of the Love Academy, and the Did You Buy the Love Lies? Curriculum, which challenges our current approach to relationships and teaches principles and insights from a new paradigm. Debrena is the TV show hosts of Public Report on TBN’s station KTBW in Seattle/Tacoma, Washington. Her new book, THE LOVE LIES, foreword by actress Kim Coles.

Audrey L. Godwin

Fearless Financial Mastery Expert Audrey L Godwin, well known as the "go to" expert for equipping mission driven business owners with the insights, strategies and tools to run a financially healthy and vibrant company while becoming a financially savvy CEO. Log on to hear why Audrey is Paying It Forward at our Empowered to Empower You, Businesses Paying It Forward, Honoring Those Who Serve Our Country Conference. 

Audrey's clients appreciate her ability to turn reactionary transactions to strategic decisions that produce the right results. She works with a wide range of clients, from six to seven figure earners, who want to want their business to not only fund their lifestyle, but also their lifetime and legacy. Her financial consulting and coaching services helps clients achieve financial goals that are purposeful in action and mindful in impact.

She is co-author of the book, "Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire" and is working on her upcoming book, “Fearless Financial Mastery – How to find the courage, clarity and confidence to run a business that funds your lifetime”.

Frenetta Tate

Frenetta Tate is the President and CEO of Empower Me 365. Frenetta received her MBA from the University of Phoenix. She is a Certified Woman's Empowerment Coach through the Professional Woman's Network. She is a Co-Contributor to the New York Times Best Seller, Business Model You; Co-Author of the Amazon Best Seller, Hot Mama in High Heels; Co-Author of The Woman's Book of Empowerment and Confidence and Author of the Powerhouse Woman Manifesto. Frenetta overcame an attempt at suicide when she was a child and is now living proof that “No weapon formed against her shall prosper.” You can reach Frenetta at

Janis Clark


Janis Meneatrice Clark is the founder and visionary of Safe Homes, a 501(c) (3), community-based, non-profit organization, initially addressing the needs of at-risk youth and their families in the Hilltop area of Tacoma, Washington since 1995. She established a new division of Safe Homes in 2009, Ladies Operation Moving Forward (LOMF) that specifically concentrates on the needs of our women veterans as they transition back to lives outside the military. With 30 years of military service under her belt, Janis understands the unique needs of our women veterans and also how these needs are often overlooked or misunderstood. These needs include addressing homelessness, unemployment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST). You can contact Janis at


Victor Martinez

Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Victor Martinez is a native of Los Angeles, California. He entered the U.S. Army in September of 1983 and attended One Station Unit Training for MOS 13B (Cannon Crewman) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Victor Martinez' transition from military service to the private sector continues to be very rewarding with an enduring commitment to serve others. As President and founder of Martinez Enterprises he remains active as a coach and mentor by leveraging today's networking culture and teaching principles of entrepreneurship and business ownership in an ever evolving global marketplace. Founded in 2012, Martinez Enterprises is an internationally licensed company that invests in developing "key relationships" throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond.

Alvin Dwight Petit

Alvin Dwight Petit, author of Under Color of Law was born on September 29, 1945, in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. His family migrated to Baltimore after his father was offered an engineering job in Maryland. In 1958, his father initiated a lawsuit against Harford County, Maryland school officials, forcing the school system to integrate. Petit, represented by Thurgood Marshall, won his suit and was admitted to Aberdeen and graduated in 1963. In 1970, Petit began his career as a trial attorney for the Small Business Administration under President Richard Nixon. His duties included preparing briefs for the Department of Justice on fraud cases involving SBA loans. He litigated his first private case, Petit vs. the United States. The case received national acclaim and is considered a landmark decision, setting the standard for back pay awards in discrimination cases. In 1973, Petit brought the first suit in the country against Maryland for discrimination in the bar examination. The case would lead to other states changing its testing practices. In 1973, Petit left the SBA and formed Mitchell, Petit, David and Gill and later his own practice. A Dwight Petit’s book is available at

Juliet Nichole Jones

Juliet Nichole Jones (also known as Christian/ Gospel Recording Artist J. Nichole) is an Inspiring Contemporary Gospel Artist who has a love of ministry and music. With her unique and anointed voice she is reaching beyond the traditional gospel sound and gospel audience. J. Nichole witnessed the healing power of the Lord in her mother's life, and since then she has had great support from her influential yet talented parents. She accepted the Lord into her life, and one day while watching a show on TV she saw a blind girl give her testimony and sing beautifully for the Lord. J. Nichole was immediately inspired and wanted to sing with the same enthusiasm as the blind girl did. During Church service one day JNichole prayed and asked God earnestly from her heart to bless her with the same enthusiasm to sing, and little did she know, God heard her prayer request, and years later it would manifest into a reality. You can reach J Nichole at

Kristan Gray

Kristan Gray’s book "No One Could Know" is a liberating book about Krisan's personal experience of dealing with abortion and rape. It yields tons of emotion ranging from pure laughter to sorrow. Thoughout the book you discover the awesomeness of God's love for us. It is a "Must Read!" Kristan's favorite job is being a mother to two amazing sons and a beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing and enjoys using her talents as a columnist for a local newspaper. Gifted not only at writing, but other forms of media, her talents include public speaking and previously working as a radio news anchor. She is still known around southwest Iowa as “Kristan Gray from KMA.” She was also an actress for Fire by Night, a Christian program on TBN. Kristan and her husband Scott have been actively involved in ministry both stateside and abroad, where they spent five years serving as missionaries in Africa. She gives God all the credit for everything good in her life. You can contact Kristan at

Christine Williams

Christine Williams was born in Illinois in 1946, and moved to California with her parents at the age of seven. After many years in the electronic industry in Silicon Valley, she retired as a Business Systems Analyst. Chris' life changed drastically in 1988 when, much to her surprise, Jesus spoke and wrote through her for the first time. In 1996 she began publishing Christ's Love Letters on her website: soon five other authors, including her husband and sister, joined her website family. Today, through the internet and Spiritual Bible Classes, Chris delights in leading other people from all over the world into personal communication and intimacy with Christ. Listen the Chris's wonderful interview. You can reach Chris at

Keith Collins

Mr. Keith Collins founded The Families Who Support Breast Cancer Survivors, Inc. The organization was founded as a support group in January, 2007, after his wife completed her treatment for Stage II Breast Cancer. After the first week in existence, the group had 40 family members, six months later it grew to over 700. Exactly one year later, the group was blessed to grow to over 1100 family members. Today, this organization now has representation on Facebook as fan page and a support group. The fan page has over 11, 800 fans from all over the world and the support group have over 1400 family members. Families Who Support Breast Cancer Survivors, Inc. was deemed an official non-profit corporation by the State of Virginia on February 18, 2010 and on February 10, 2013 in the state of Michigan and is now pending 501c3 status. Mr. Collins is a Retired Veteran of more than 28 and half years of service in the U.S. Army. You can contact Keith at

John Valentine III

John Valentine III is the CEO of Operation Phantom Support, a non-profit organization created to assist Active military and honorable veterans. OPS provides numerous services to qualified Active Duty Service Members and Veterans. OPS programs consist of A Thrift Store where you may obtain valuables for free or at no cost; A Food Pantry. They recently supplied food for over 385 soldiers and feed over 1500 soldiers in one day; Operation Outdoors , Taking veterans and wounded warriors to fish and engage outdoor activities to reestablish self-esteem and confidence.; Operation Resupply where they the children of soldiers and veterans are provided school materials; Operation Phantom Cake, where the children of soldiers and veterans can have a birthday cake made and delivered free of charge. The cakes are made by reputable bakers in the community. Operation Cake Program, where cakes are made for the purpose of various event functions and Operation Monkey Wrench, a program to help with vehicle repairs. To discover more about Operation Phantom Support please visit

Dr. Valarie Rice

Dr. Valerie Rice is the Chief and Certified Professional Human Factors Engineer/Ergonomist Army Materiel Command - Army Research Laboratory - Human Research and Engineering Directorate - Army Medical Department Field Element. Dr. Rice is currently conducting a new study called the "MINDFULNESS" study. This research is being conducted to determine if this is another means by which we can aid our service members and authorized personnel cope with the challenges brought about by stress. Please take a moment to view the link below to learn more about the MINDFULNESS program.  

Darrin Dewitt Henson

DARRIN DEWITT HENSON Shares his recent release "Ain't That The Truth. His book reminds us that no one is perfect. But we can be better than we were yesterday. Darrin grew to fame when playing Lem Van Adams on the hit Showtime series “Soul Food.” For five seasons Henson has given a compelling performance of a street hustle turned husband, father and businessman. He can be seen in the Universal film “The Express” where he plays, the legendary, Jim Brown opposite Dennis Quaid. He had a lead role in Sony Screen Gems “Stomp the Yard” and the HBO Film, “Life Support. Then came “The Salon.” Henson can also be seen in Jeb Stuart’s “Blood Done Sign My Name.” Henson plays activist Eddie McCoy. He has recently finished filming “Tekken” (the largest video game in the world, now a major motion picture) in which Darrin plays the role of Raven. He can been seen in October in the horror film, “The Inheritance.” where Henson plays an introverted writer who is more like the griot of the family. He will also be seen starring in “After” in 2011 a film about the lengths we will go to to protect family members. As an incomparable choreographer whose dance abilities has blessed such artists as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and ‘N Sync, Henson got his start with the late legendary hip hop DJ, Scott La Rock of Boogie Down Productions at age 14, when he joined La Rock’s Vermont school tour. Darrin is an mtv music award recipient for his work with nsync and a two time nominated image award actor. Henson’s most recognizable dance routine by far is ‘N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye.” His video, Darrin’s Dance Grooves, has also proven successful with over 3 million copies sold and he looks forward to starting production on a movie version of it in the future.
Contact Darrin at


Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson is a gifted and anointed speaker. His messages have an insight that comes from the Holy Spirit. His songs flow from the heart of God, to bring hope and healing to this generation. He has been honored to have shared the platform with many notable personalities such as Governor and Television host Mike Huckabee, Pastors John and Matthew Hagee, Chuck Norris, Singer/Songwriters Bill and Gloria Gaither, Tony Orlando, Billy Ray Cyrus, Stephen Baldwin and Gary Sinise (Forest Gump, CSI NY). Moreover, Dennis has been on tour abroad playing for our deployed US Service Members overseas. Here he shares his life with us on The Kevin Zimmerman Show. You can learn more about Dennis at

Michael White

Michael L White is the founder and managing editor of Parson Place Press. He was my very first guest on The Kevin Zimmerman Show and the author of "A Time For Everything; The Kevin Zimmerman Story." Michael has returned to share with us a few new releases that he has published since his first interview back in 2012. To discover Michael's books as well as others he has published visit

Kaitlyn Munoz

Kaitlyn Muñoz is a Producer and Correspondent for San Antonio's newest lifestyle show, "Daytime at Nine", on FOX San Antonio. She is a San Antonio native who began her career in the television industry at the young age of seventeen. After a visit to the CBS affiliate, Kaitlyn shadowed the staff and mentored under the Executive Producer. Upon graduation, she took an internship with the #1 lifestyle show in San Antonio, KENS5 "Great Day SA". Kaitlyn acquired her first full-time production position upon the re-launch of "Daytime at Nine" on FOX San Antonio. After a year and a half as an Associate Producer, Kaitlyn was quickly promoted and is now the youngest lifestyle producer in San Antonio.

Camay McClure

Ms. Camay McClure overcame a very challenging past to walking in the fullness the many blessings the Lord is showering upon her. At the age of 1 year old she suddenly became the child of a single mother. Two years later she relocated to another country. Returning to the US as a teenager, she left high school in her Jr. year. Ultimately Camay became Ms America Beauty Plus Lifetime Queen and began advocating for woman to Love the Skin They're In, and bringing awareness to Kidney disease. She has now become a resounding voice in the Pacific Northwest. Camay recently enjoyed her launch celebration as the CEO and hoist of The Ms Camay Show at KKNW 1150. You can reach Camay at and on the Ms Camay Show Facebook page.

Gerald Gillis

Gerald Gillis joins the Kevin Zimmerman Show to tell us about his books Dare Not Blink (Navigator Books, 2012), Shall Never See So Much (Booklocker, 2010), and Bent, But Not Broken (Sandlapper, 1986). He has also authored an eBook entitled Paige’s Laws of Business. He became a full-time novelist in 2009 and his books have been recognized with multiple awards. In addition to his writing, Gerald speaks on a range of business-related topics, to include leadership, perseverance, innovation, and business ethics.
You can visit Gerald at 

Sherrell Valdezloqui

Sherrell is a young God fearing wife and mother who is passionate about helping Christians maximize their potential; taking their propose to the next level. God has equipped her with the tools to leverage playing fields and create national awareness for Christians across the United States who realize their purpose and want to promote it in excellence to glorify God. She is a US veteran and the publisher and editor in chief of Promoting Purpose Magazine. Sherrell is also the author of the book Hurting Woman. Listen as Sherrell shares what inspired her to fulfill her mission in God, along with providing some insight to her book Hurting Woman. You can reach Sherrell at

Derek Chatman

Derek Chatman is a Sales professional, father and devoted husband born in Springfield Massachusetts the home of Dr. Suess and the Basketball Hall of fame. Fed up with working late night shifts in a dead end job with no real future, Derek decided to stop putting his dreams on hold and return to college. Juggling responsibilities, a fulltime job, and fulltime life Derek found a way to get it all done. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in business and later an MBA in Business, Derek decided he would share the methods he used to get him there. You can reach Derek at

Doug Dahlgren

Doug Dahlgren writes books that make you think. He has served in the United States Army Signal Corps and in the Strategic Command which aids tremendously in his writing style. If you like Jack Bauer in the TV hit show 24, you will love Doug's character in his 6 book series The Son, Silas Rising.His novels are classified as fiction…action, thrillers… and fun fiction.
“The SON, Silas Rising” has been described as a political thriller that grabs you in at the beginning and keeps you focused to the end.” Reviews from both men and women rate Doug's novel with five stars. You can reach Doug at

Dr. Michael Haynie

Mike Haynie is the Executive Director and Founder of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, and also the Barnes Professor of Entrepreneurship at SU’s Whitman School of Management. He is an internationally accomplished scholar and thought-leader in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. His research has been published in many of the world’s leading academic journals. Haynie is a sought after advisor and speaker on issues related to veterans policy and programs, entrepreneurship, innovation, and social change. His work as a social entrepreneur has been featured by the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes, as well as many of the nation’s leading news outlets, including ABC Evening News with Diane Sawyer, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, INC Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur Magazine. You can reach Dr. Mike Haynie at

Jordyn Redwood

Jordyn Redwood served patients and their families for nearly 20 years and currently works as a pediatric ER nurse. As a self professed medical nerd and trauma junkie, she was drawn to the controlled chaotic environments of critical care and emergency nursing. In this interview she shares how her medical background influenced her to write the Bloodline Series. Her book Proof is an (outstanding) medical thriller with a gripping tale laced with medical realism. Proof provides sleep-robbing excitement and something every reader would loves.
Jordyn can be reached at

Jackie Carpenter

Jackie Carpenter had it all. Her dream home was being built and her son who had been called into the ministry had his own successful business. Suddenly one moment changed the course of their lives. Her son is now in cell block A awaiting trial for murder and her faith is shaken. Fate lead her to a store where she noticed a book titled Psalms 91. It was that book the regenerated her faith and a miracle manifested. Jackie gives us some insight inside her book "The bridge between Cell Block A and a miracle is Psalms 91. The sequel to that book is called Georgia Justice. Both have been converted into a movie, recently released across the country called "Stand Your Ground." You can reach Jackie at

Eric Castillo

Eric Castillo had it all at a very early age. He was athletic and had a thriving business. At 19 years old, that kind of success proved to be too much for him. Eric went on to get married and had two wonderful sons. Chasing the wrong dream resulted in a loss of his family, and almost his life. That turn of events shifted his course and he ultimately fulfilled one of his life long dreams. To pay it forward, he founded A Walk In My Shoes charity. His charity has provided over 11,000 pairs of shoes to those in need. Log on and listen to Eric's story. You will certainly be inspired. Eric can be reached at

JL Robb

JL Robb has done a great job is keeping us on the edge of our seat while writing the first 3, of a seven part series, The End - The book. JL shares with us how the research he underwent after reading the bible convinced him that God is no myth; and the Bible is truth. Through his studies of the Old and New Testaments and the Quran, he has become convinced that the Biblical end may really be near. Follow Author J.L. Robb as he weaves a titillating tale of mystery and intrigue that Hollywood has tried but failed to produce, a story that will keep the reader on the edge of his seat, until The End. A thriller and love story, The End The Book tells a story of what you might do if you found out the end really was near. Jihad terrorism meets the Bible Belt. You can reach JL Robb at

Teresa Scanlan

At age 17, Teresa was the youngest to win the Miss America (2011) title in over 30 years. She was the first titleholder from Nebraska to win Miss America, Miss USA, or Miss Teen USA. She shares how she is a woman of very strong faith. Teresa was home-schooled until her junior year of high school, before attending Gering High School part-time for half of her junior year. She graduated early from Scottsbluff High School in the spring of 2010 after taking a double load of classes throughout high school. Teresa was named a Salutatorian for the Scottsbluff class of 2010.

Teresa won the title of Miss Nebraska on June 5, 2010. Her platform is "Eating disorders: A generation at risk." Her passion to combat eating disorders stems from a friend who struggled with bulimia. Scanlan did research about eating disorders for her friend and discovered how rampant it was across the nation. She hopes to educate children and adults alike as to the signs and risks of eating disorders, as well as how and where to get help for themselves or a loved one. Feel free to contact Teresa at


Details to post soon.

Rough Diamond New Artist Showcase

Cast members of Rough Diamond New Artist Showcase consisting of the event manager - Mr. Q Cardenas, Event planner - CC Concepcion-Garcia, Marketing lead - Ms Alicia Taylor, Photographer - Mr. James Jacob, Singer Songwriter - Ms Chelsea Guy, Tejano singer Ms Crystal Torres, the talented new comer Chris Cyr and San Antonio's number one hip hop artist Bambu, takes a moment to share what it means to do an event of this nature and what the event means to them. The Rough Diamond New Artist Showcase will be held in San Antonio TX on 21 Nov, 2013. All proceeds from the show will go to Operation Homefront in support of our Wounded Warriors.

Marianne Evans

Marianne Evans is an award winning author who took life's experiences and ties them into Christian Romanic Fiction. With the unique ability to write riveting, intriguing, and highly entertaining novels, she allows the reader to see the reality of life's challenges through the pages of her book. Her recent release Devotion will always be a great read ... and excellent gift. To keep up with Marianne visit

Jazz Dozier

Jazz Dozier is a entrepreneur/mompreneur who shares with us how she surrounded herself with successful leadership. She learned from each one of them and exercised determination, and now enjoys the quality of life that she wants to. Lady Jazz Dozier is also a contributor of an International Best Selling book. Log on and glean from the wisdom that Lady Jazz Dozier shares with us. You can reach Lady Jazz Dozier at

Cynthia Simmons

Cynthia Simmons is the author of the book Struggles and Triumphs. She also released the Struggles and Triumphs Workbook for woman's bible study groups. The mother of 5 children who home-schooled each of them, to included one child with disabilities shares with us how she herself endured many struggles, only to triumph over them to be used by our Lord for the benefit of others. Log on to hear her story. You can also find Cynthia at

Pamela Thibodeaux

Pamela Thibodeaux shares with us her newly released devotional, Love Is A Rose. She shares how God extends Himself beyond the norm to reach people by way of all types of music. Log on and gain inspiration as Pam interviews with passion about her new release. You can reach Pamela at

Bill Weise

New York Times Best Selling Author, Bill Weise shares details of his book 23 minutes in hell. On November 28, 1998, Bill shares his out of body experience as he tells us of the vision the Lord permitted him to see in hell for the purpose of informing God's people that hell is a literal place. Find out more about Bill Weise at

Deborah Brunt

Deborah Brunt is the great-great granddaughter of two men that fought for the Confederacy. Growing up in the south, God compelled her to do a study that ultimately lead to her book "We Confess! The Civil War, The South and The Church." In her book we discover how church culture lifted up the name of Jesus will making, we she expresses as a covenant with the Confederacy. Learn more of what Deborah has to share by listening to her interview and contacting her at

Karen Butterton

Karen Butterton had a great life. She had a wonderful career and a great marriage when one day she received the news that she had cancer. That information derailed her desire for she and her husband to have a child. Yet, with the support of her husband, she decided that she would fight and win. Karen became an advocate for woman, or anyone who face the challenges of overcoming cancer. On this show she shares what she calls "Cancer Approach." You can visit Karen at

Lisa Fenn

Lisa Fenn is a former ESPN Producer. While covering a story (Carry On) aired on ESPN, Lisa's love for humanity and mankind superseded the law of journalism. While preparing the story of two young men, Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton, Lisa entered into their world of disability and poverty. Soon she discovered that she had a calling much higher than the story. Lisa comes onto The Kevin Zimmerman Show and shares how her love and selfless service helped to propel a legally blind young man to winning the bronze medal in London, England at the Paraalympic Games, and another young man, a double amputee, to continue his drive to overcome by graduating from college. See Lisa's story here.


Details to post soon.

Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole is a multi-award winning and rising 16 year old gospel singer/songwriter. Fueled by the death of her grandparents, she took what satan meant for evil and turned it to good. Through the love and support of family Ashley overcame depression and pursued an exception gift. God eventually aligned her with some of gospel music's most well known and respected personalities the industry. Feel free to visit Ashley at

Charlotte Howard

Charlotte Howard is a successful Beauty Salon Success Coach and Radio Host. She shares with us the importance of pursuing your passion. Her success has helped many to experience an extraordinary lifestyle using their God given talents in the beauty industry. Charlotte states her mission is to "Help You Create The Lifestyle You Deserve!" You can reach Charlotte at

Bob Nevins

Bob Nevins is the Co Founder of The Saratoga WarHorse Program. A program that earned him the prestigious Jefferson Award for public and community service. The Saratoga WarHorse program is a cost free, peer to peer program that assists veterans and victims of trauma who are suffering from psychological wounds. ESPN aired a segment on the Saratoga WarHorse Program because of their success. You can listen to Mr. Bob Nevins right here. Check out his information at

Patti Foster

Patti Foster, author of the book Coping With Traumatic Brain Injury, shares with us her traumatic experience of being the victim of a violent auto accident. She shares with us her life after coming out of a comma for six weeks. Patti now shares her story and inspires people nationwide. Feel free to visit Patti at

Trish Harleston

Trish Harleston is a Licensed and Ordained Minister residing in Durham, NC. For the last few years, she has authored a weekly internet inspirational message entitled Weekly Word for Your Daily Walk. It is from this ministry that her recent publication, Weekly Word for Your Daily Walk Devotional and Prayer Journal was birthed. Rev. Harleston is a passionate and prayerful preacher; an astute and arousing author; and an energetic and engaging speaker. To contact Trish, visit

Rhonda Crosswhite

Rhonda Crosswhite is a true American Hero. We were Rhonda when she was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie on the TODAY's Show, after an EF5 tornado ripped through Moore, OK, on May 20, 2013. Rhonda, a Plaza Towers Elementary School teacher sacrificed her own body to shield 3 children as the tornado obliterated the Plaza Towers Elementary and the community. Her words during the interview, "My kids are OK. All of my kids are OK," were embraced by all of America. Listen to this personal account as Rhonda shares her experience on The Kevin Zimmerman Show. If you would like to support the community of Moore, OK, Please send money or gift cards to: Restore Moore: Project Teacher, P.O. Box 891385 Oklahoma City , OK. 73189. All proceeds go directly to the teachers at The Plaza Towers or Briarwood schools. Mardel Christian Books are supporting Moore, OK. by giving 100 percent of proceeds to teachers from the sell of T-shirts. Visit

Ruth Kriz and ReAnn Ring

Ever heard of Lyme Disease? Don't miss a chance to get educated by one of the finest in the world on the #1 health epidemic in America. Ruth Kriz and ReAnn Ring provide an informative show on the subject. Ruth is a world renowned Lyme expert and a practicing medical professional who is setting the medical world on it's ear with a vast treatment knowledge of the worlds chronic disease. Ruth trains other professionals on the how-to, and treats patients in over 22 countries! Cured from a chronic case of Lyme Disease herself, Ruth is joined on the interview with one of her own patients, ReAnn Ring. Both explain their experience of this perplexing but curable disease and will help others understand a very difficult to diagnose issue, that when identified and treated properly can bring hope to millions.

Earl Littman

Earl Littman is a World War II, veteran who has a passion for aiding our US Veterans dealing with homelessness, hunger, suicide and the various other tragic circumstances they face. Earl has waged war on Congress for freezing veterans benefits while increasing their own. He also explains a plan that will raise 1 billion dollars annually to Back our Vets, simply by every consumer donating 2 cents at every major retail store. Log on and listen to Earl as he shares his views on how to Back Our Vets. You can reach Earl at

Deborah Brunt

Deborah Brunt is the great-great granddaughter of two men that fought for the Confederacy. Growing up in the south, God compelled her to do a study that ultimately lead to her book "We Confess! The Civil War, The South and The Church." In her book we discover how church culture lifter high the name of Jesus will making we she expresses as a covenant with the Confederacy. Learn more of what Deborah has to share by listening to her interview and contacting her at

Heather Wanamaker

Heather Wanamaker shares with us how "Life can sometimes catch you off-guard and knock you to your knees with a forceful blow." For Heather and her husband, that blow came with the agonizing reality that their firstborn son, Bradley, was born with extreme oxygen deprivation, which resulted in cerebral palsy and severe impairments. Her book " Lessons from Bradley" helps us to discover God's Blessings in All Things. You can reach Heather on Facebook by searching Heather Thatcher Wanamaker

J.R. Martinez

J.R. Martinez, 101st Airborne Soldier, who hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) shared his story of fighting through recovery and became an ABC Daytime Television Star on the hit show All My Children, The Season 13 Dancing With The Stars Champion and The Grand Marshal of the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade. He passionately shared his continuous and valiant effort to advocate on the behalf of US military service members and their families. J.R. Martinez will also be the Grand Marshal of the 2013 Memorial Day Parade held in Washington, D.C.

Pam Rosewell

Pam Rosewell Moore shares the powerful testimony of her life as she was chosen by God to care for the world famous Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie was famous for both the book and the film "The Hiding Place." Pam too has a remarkable history. Part of which when she joined the mission of Brother Andrew, known as "The Smuggler," for transporting bibles into Eastern Europe and other communist countries. You can contact Pam at

Patricia Leigh

Patricia Leigh has been recognized as one of the Gospel industries upcoming powerhouses. On the show she shares how her L.I.F.E. Project came about along with all the things she is doing to uplift the kingdom of God. Patricia overcame many challenges prior to finding herself sharing the stage with the likes of Donnie McClurkin and CeCe Winans. Now God is thrusting her center stage. You can reach Patricia at

Deborah Hightower

Deborah Hightower is filled with many gifts and talents. She shares with us all the areas that God uses her to help all who are receptive to what she has to offer. Equipped with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, a minor in communication and a Masters Degree in Organization and Management, she expresses the various means by which the Lord uses her. Deborah is living example of how to overcome "The Greatest Human Temptation is Settling For To Little." Here you will also hear from her CD "LOVE Period." Enjoy!

J.L. Robb

Author J.L. Robb shares with us how he was forced to leave his birthplace of Highpoint N.C. and move to South Georgia to escape the Polio epidemic of that time. There, as a 5th grader, he read the book of Revelations and became intregued about the "End Times." Growing up he lived life on the wild side until 1979, when he watched the movie "The Late Great Planet Earth." Those footsteps lead Jerry to write a fascinating series of books for a non believer, "The End The Book." You can get a FREE Copy of book one, up to 1 June, 2013, by logging onto his site. You can contact Jerry at

ReAnn Ring

ReAnn Ring, is an entrepreneur and owner of three businesses in Atlanta, GA, to include a media publicity service representing multiple authors, speakers, recording artists, and television/film producers under her company - Safire Productions. Her specialties include providing strong expertise in social media, image consulting, public relations, and photography. She appears regularly on Channel 57 WATC in the Atlanta area and can be heard interviewing on various local radio stations in metro Atlanta. On the show she centers her discussion around II Kings 4...The oil God has given. You can reach ReAnn at

Deborah Ross

Deborah Ross is the President of Deborah Ross Ministries, an Evangelist, and highly sought after speaker. She is also the author of the book "Healing a Broken Marriage." Deborah shares with the listening audience how she and her husband Jay, dealt with the difficulties of a life and marriage that looked good on the outside, but was spiraling out of control behind closed doors. Then Deborah decided to give her life to Christ. She left us in awe of the wonderful things the Lord is doing through their lives now. You can reach Deborah at Enjoy!

Christine Lindsay

Christine Lindsay, Author of the trilogy Twilight of the British Raj, shares how her writing experience was woven through an abusive marriage, enduring a relationship with a spouse who struggled with alcoholism, and bearing the heartache of giving her child up for adoption in her younger years. She shares the awesomeness of God as He provided her with a wonderful husband, a wonderful re-united relationship with her daughter and a wonderful talent of writing. You can reach Christine at

Sheila Lee

Sheila Lee, author of the book Windowhood not Widowhood, provided the listening audience with a power packed hour of inspiration. She shared the keys to dealing with any form of loss, be it the loss of a husband or wife, child or family member. Known as "Morning Joy," she provided plenty of joy in this broadcast. You can reach Sheila at

Jillian Lambert

Jillian Lambert, Author of the book "Real Health Real Life" talks to us about her Real Life Wellness Ranch, which sits on 5 acres in Leander, TX. At the Real Life Wellness Ranch Jillian will help you to increase your well being spiritually, mentally, physically, nutritionally, emotionally, real-istically. Find out more about the Real Life Wellness Ranch by contacting Jillian at

Mrs. Dawn Kidd

Dawn Kidd is the author of the newly released book "You Are Not Alone." Reared with a Christian upbringing she could have never imagined loosing the most precious thing a mother can have....twice. She drew strength through her faith and tells her story to aid all who have experienced any form of loss. Dawn shares with us everything from where she live, how she met her husband in a unique fashion to overcoming the loss of her two children. Log on, draw strength from her interview and enjoy. You can reach Dawn on Facebook here. You can also reach her on twitter at @authordawnkidd.

Morena Johnson Caleb

Morena Johnson Caleb did not publish her first book until the age of 65. Now at age 69, she has published 5. She shares with us the ups and downs of her life. How she was once diagnosed with schizophrenia and with bi-polar disorder, she shares how the awesome power of God delivered her from it all. She gives her testimony in her book "Surely I Know There Is A God," and inspired us on the show. You can reach Morena at

Gwen Richardson

Gwen Richardson is the Co-founder of, the largest African American On-Line retailer in the United States. She also is the co-founder and the coordinator of the Annual National Black Book Festival. In supporting the Do What Winners Do series, Gwen shared with us her background and the services the can provide to aid someone in getting their book to the next level. Gwen can be reached at or at

Heather James

Heather James shared with us how a terrific novel spawned from a bad dream. She shared how her passion for writing was not derailed by being a wife, mother and lawyer. Her book Unholy Hunger is one that will keep you totally entertained. Visit her site at for more information. In addition, if you log onto Heather's Facebook page located at from now through 28 Feb, 2013, and mention "You heard her on The Kevin Zimmerman Show" you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE autographed copy of Unholy Hunger. Enjoy.

Laura Washington

Laura Washington shares with us how as a mother, grandmother, author, publisher, teacher, and real estate agent, and gifted with the use of only two fingers, one on the left hand and one on the right she was able to write her book through faith in God and sheer determination. Laura gives us 7 foundations that we can apply in her book Foundations For Living, letting God touch our soul; Letting God ignite our spirit. Log on and enjoy.
Contact Laura at

Pamela S.Thibodeaux

Pamela S.Thibodeaux, author of the book, The Visionary, made a remarkable contribution to the "Do What Winners Do" series by sharing from her personal experiences, proven principles and tips that can help anyone publish their novel. So log on, sit back and enjoy. Contact Pamela at 

Kevin Zimmerman

Kevin Zimmerman's book "A Time For Everything: The Kevin Zimmerman Story, Second Edition by Michael L. White" was recently accepted into the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African American History and Culture, becoming a permanent part of American history. Humbled by such an honor and blessing, he decided to launch the "Do What Winner's Do" Series. This series provides tips, insight and recommendations by those who have successfully written, published and marketed their books. Through this series Kevin provides proven principles for those who desire the same outcome. Contact Kevin at Like him on facebook

Jayne Self

Award winning author Jayne Self wrote for 12 years before she had her first book published. Although time went by, she learned from her mother that "the only thing that limits you, is the way you do it." Her persistence drove her to write in a way that "causes you to move the fence." Jayne shares with us her inspiration and her publications. Log on and listen. It's a great show. You can reach Jayne at

Tanya Stowe

Tanya Stowe is an Inspirational Christian writer who lives in a small Muslim country. She closed out 2012 on the Kevin Zimmerman Show sharing with us how she got her inspiration to write, the work that she has published and provided us a peak at what is to come. It was a great show and I highly encourage you to log on and listen.
Contact Tonya at

Linda Himes

Linda Himes, author of Live, From The Mystic, shares how she grew up in San Antonio, Texas and lived for approximately 14 years in San Francisco. She discussed how she had been writing since childhood and working multiple jobs aided in providing the source for her to write the many poems in her book. Live, From the Mystic is her first collection of poetry but we can look forward to many more to come.
Contact Linda at

Diane Moore

Diane Moore is an award winning author, and author of the book "Love Thy Neighbor." Diane shares with us how her background of being an investigative journalist, along with growing up in multicultural environments shaped her ability to write this excellent novel. She gives us a glimpse of the part murder mystery and part simmering romance novel that is filled with lots of lively dialog that will keep us engaged.
Contact Diane at

 Kathi Macias

Multiple award-winning author Kathi Macias, author of the book The Deliverer, has written nearly 35 books. Kathi expresses her sincerity and passion about helping people get out of human and sexual trafficking. Kathi also introduces her book The Unexpected Christmas Hero. Tune in and enjoy. Contact Kathi at

Theresa Franklin

Theresa, a best selling author shares with us several books that discuss her life's experiences in a joyful manner. Highlighting how to take stumbling blocks and turn them into stepping stones. Having lost their home to hurricane Ike in 2008, Theresa reveals how God brings you through difficult times where you yourself don't believe you will make it through. Contact Theresa at

Elaine Cooper

Awarding winning Author Mrs. Elaine Marie Cooper, Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Religious Fiction and Honorable Mention in Romance at the 2011, Los Angeles Book Festival for The Road to Deer Run and the Romance Winner for the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival and a finalist in Religious Fiction for Forward Review Book of the Year for her book The Promise to Deer Run, shares with us who she is, the research she did and the blessings that came from it all. Contact Theresa at

Michael Webb

Michael Webb began writing the book "The Oldest Enemy" back in 1998, completing it in 1999. At that time NO ONE was interested in his project. He shared how his book sat in a drawer for 13 years. Suddenly, a small publishing company "Risen Books Publishing" announced a contest in which Michael submitted "The Oldest Enemy." and it won. Michael used that encounter to encourage us. He talks about how, in God, there is a Time For Everything. Michael encourages us to know that God has not given up on our dreams..... So we should not give up either.
Contact Michael at

Joyce Wright McAdoo

Joyce Wright McAdoo, author of Zimba shares with the listening audience her story of how she overcame the nah sayers who doubted her ability to write and publish a book. She provides priceless insight on how you too can accomplish the same goal. Joyce gives us with plenty of humor as she describes how her driveway literally became an animal kingdom upon discovering a large snapping turtle that inspired her to write and publish her book....Zimba. Contact Joyce at

Richard Emmel

Richard Emmel shares with us the life of Louisa, a slave whose journey to America came by way of traveling 3 months in the hull of a slave ship. She could arguably be one of the most intelligent writers to ever live in America. The book itself is entertaining, educational, therapeutic and provides life's lessons. Richard did not simply write a book, he created a worthwhile investment. Contact Richard at

Elizabeth Chalker

Elizabeth Chalker shares her unique story of how she is still in the furnace of life's calamities and fighting the good fight of faith and endurance, keeping her eyes on the prize of heaven. In most cases we hear the stories of how we made it through. Well here is a story of someone who is still in a battle for her life. One of the most powerful statements she made in this interview is " You know you have found joy, when you are in the thick of the fire, but you don't smell like smoke. Listen to her story. It is a real testimony. Contact Elizabeth at

Rayvoll Ormond

Rayvoll Ormond shares with us his background of how he lived overseas and returned to the United States with a commitment to be successful. That success lead to him serving on the White House staff under the leadership of both President Bill Clinton and President George Bush at the Pentagon. Rayvoll is a Pentagon survivor as he had just left the building approximately 30 seconds before it was struck by American Airlines flight number 77 on September 11, 2001. His book "Under One Sky" gives us a fictional depiction of actual accounts. Contact Rayvoll at

Tracy Krauss

Tracy Krauss is an Author, Playwright, Director, Worship Leader and Teacher who shares her passion for writing with the listening audience. Tracy gives us a glimpse behind her latest novel "Winds Over Marshdale" and also brings us inside of some of her other projects as well. Although she has over 25 years of writing experience, she shares how she still strives to improve on ever project that she releases. Contact Tracy at

Jillian Lambert

Jillian Lambert, M.S., author of “Real Health Real Life,” is a holistic nutrition, fitness and wellness expert. She has worked with top-rated spas as an AFAA certified fitness instructor, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, emotional health, feng shui and wellness consultant. Jillian shares her purpose to help people heal physically, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Contact Jillian at

Tracie Loveless-Hill

Tracie Loveless-Hill shares her creativity of combining a dream with the utilization of resources to create a highly recommended read, "Escape From The Garden Of Eden." Log on and listen as she not only gives you a synopsis, but reads a chapter of the book to validate why you should make the the worthwhile investment. Contact Tracie at

Jeff Kashiwa

Jeff Kashiwa is a World Renown, Smooth Jazz Recording Artist who reveals the release of his latest project, Let It Ride. Let It Ride was recorded on Jeff's own label, Native Language, and is due to release on 21 August, 2012. He takes us from playing in a small intimate setting in downtown Tacoma, WA, to recording and playing live on stages worldwide. He goes on to share how it felt to be playing with the worlds best musicians and moreover, how blessed he is to be considered one of them. Contact Jeff at

Pamela Thibodeaux

Ms. Pamela Thibodeaux, of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana, discusses her latest book "The Visionary." Pamela is multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction. Her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.” Contact Pamela at

Kayla Perez
Eddie Vasquez

Eddie Vasquez, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of E.D.S. Supplements and Gymnasium and Kayla Perez, an NPC bikini competitor and champion share their life changing transformation of their own bodies once they fell in LOVE with THEIR PASSION. In a time when the United States of America is ranked #1 in obesity and 1 of 3 children are classified as obese, Eddie and Kayla share tips on what we all can do to save a generation. Contact Kayla at

Dr. Crowley-Miller

Dr. Quindola Crowley-Miller, Chief of Social Work Executive Service Line for the Michael E. Debackey Veterans Administration Hospital, Houston, TX shares her insight on Military Sexual Trauma, Care for veterans, Her book Triumphs Of The Ordinary Woman and gives us a glimpse inside of her upcoming and soon to be released publication. Contact Quindola on Facebook at

Michael L. White
Inaugural Broadcast

Mr. Michael L. White is a retired 31 year Serviceman who now serves as a full time pastor in Mobile AL. He has several publications and is the author and publisher of Parson Place Press. He is also the author of A Time For Everything; The Kevin Zimmerman Story. For those who are seeking to publish their own Christian book along with everyone who wants to get some great insight, Listen to The Kevin Zimmerman Show, guest Mr. Michael L. White. Contact Michael at