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Press Release:  New York, NY  January 1, 2024

The Pressure Band is back in the studio! 


We are excited to announce, The Pressure Band is back in the studio recording their new album Always On.

The expected release date is late June early July.

The band is not currently booking live shows in order to focus on recording.

Since 1990, The Pressure Band has played over 2,100+ live shows. Thanks to all our regular fans and all of the new ones we have made! Your support is fantastic and appreciated.

In the studio: The latest new track being worked on is titled: I'm Kinda Ugly, a jammin' funk/rock cut that we know you will like. (Plus, it accurately describes several bands members!)

You know we love to hear from all of you

Watch for new postings as the studio sessions continue!



12-30-2023 Kaylee B.

Wow! That's great news.  Haven't see you guys since December 2019 at the Jupiter Studios Venue, right before the pandemic.  Was Donnie drinking?  Who was the girl in the "Purple Dress" he was talking about?  We all had a blast!  I hope the band will be out playing live again once the CD is ready.  (Please don't let Donnie sing anymore.) Love You Guys! KB


We congratulate Raphael on winning the wrestling tournament in Las Vegas recently. Amazing!