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Dr. Maxine Thompson Show

Mondays @ 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific

 Dr. Maxine Thompson

Owner of Black Butterfly Press and

Thompson's Literary Service

National best-selling author, Dr. Maxine Thompson, offers an array of services for writers.

Editorial services: Under Maxine Thompson’s Literary Services, she has personally story or copy edited, formatted, or ghostwritten numerous books in the past 12 years for other authors. She has edited books which have made the New York Times Bestseller’s list, as well as Essence Bestseller’s List.

Ghostwriter: She’s been a ghostwriter on books that have made the New York Times and other best sellers lists.

Internet Radio Show Host: Since March 5, 2002, Dr. Thompson has conducted over 1,500 hours of live Internet radio interviews. She has been a host with ArtistFirst Radio since March 2004.

Literary Agent: Maxine Thompson has sold over 70 books to New York Publishers for both herself and other writers. If you are interested in any of the services Dr. Thompson offers, contact her directly at

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10-10-2022 VANESSA RILEY  Author of Historical Fiction
9-19-2002 GLEN TURNER Author of A Lonely Child  For Book Click Here
7-18-2022 FRAN LEWIS Author of Sisters: Two Sisters From The Bronx. For Book Click Here.
7-11-2022 CHRIS DeSANTIS Author of Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction At Work. For Book Click Here.
6-13-2022 VALENA BEETY Author of Manifesting Justice: Wrongly Convicted Women Reclaim Their Rights.  For Book Click Here
5-16-2022 BRENDA JACKSON Award-winning Author of over 140 books!
5-09-2022 MARY MONROE Prolific New York Times Best-Selling Author
4-4-2022 MAXINE THOMPSON is the Guest and Sonya Vann Deloach is the host discussing Maxine's new memoir Lineage  For Book Click Here
3-14-2022 TARA L. THOMPSON Author of several books
2-28-2022 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Founder of Black Writers On Tour
2-7-2022 AREVA MARTIN Author of Awakening: Ladies, Leadership, and the Lies We've Been Told. For Book Click Here
1-31-2022 BRIANNA COLE Prolific Author, Screenwriter and Filmmaker.
1-24-2022 DR. LARA GOITEIN Author of The IUC Guide For Families For Book Click Here
1-10-2022 ERIKA ANDERSON Author of Change From The Inside Out
12-06-2021 MARIAN L. THOMAS Author of 6 books.
11-29-2021 TRICE HICKMAN Author of Blindsided
11-08-2021 LORINE CALHOUN  Author of Pact With God
10-11-2021 AN EVENING OF POETRY  Members of the Circle Poetry Group: Lady Miss Adrienne, group founder.  Yuen Ling Laurence, our French member.  Sonya Vann DeLoach, the host Maxine's sister.  Lujine Nasralla,  Mitzi Kay Jackson,  Toshia Kole-James,  Nichole M. Christian,  Mariko Brenner. To order our book, Cypher, No. 1, listeners can go to:
10-04-2021 FAITH ELICIA  Author of  Do You See What I See?
9-27-2021 DR. BOB NELSON Author of many books
9-16-2021 TIFFANY L. WARREN Author of over 30 books.
8-23-2021 DELORES THORNTON Award winning Author
8-2-2021 FRAN LEWIS  Best-Selling Author
7-19-2021 ROCHELLE ALERS National Best-Selling Author of over 80 books!
7-12-2021 SONYA VANN DeLOACH  Contributor to Chicken Soup I'm Speaking Now
6-28-2021 DR. STEVEN GARDNER Author of Jabberwocky. Lessons of Love From A Boy Who Never Spoke. For Book Click Here.
6-14-2021 KIM BULLOCK-HENNIX Author of The Secrets to Crowning Your Inner Queen.
5-24-2021 DENNY S. BRYCE  Author of Wild Women & The Blues
5-3-2021 JULIAN REED Author of Captain Perfection The Secret of Self Compassion
4-5-2021 MARY MONROE  New York Times Best-Selling Author
3-29-2021 DR. EDWARD ADAM  Author of Reinventing Masculinity For Book Click Here
3-15-2021 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Founder of Black Writers On Tour
2-22-2021 SUZETTA PERKINS Author of Dirty Bones For Book Click Here
1-11-2021 HUNTER CLARKE Author of Raising Good Humans For Book Click Here
11-16-2020 DARREN DAHL Author of Change The Game. Saving the American Dream by closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. Click for Book
10-26-2020 MICHELLE SILVERTHORN Author of Authentic Diversity, How to Change the Workplace For Good. For Book Click Here
10-12-2020 SEAN CONLEY Author of The Point After. How one resilient kicker learned there was more to life than the NFL.  For Book Click Here
9-21-2020 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Founder of Black Writers On Tour
9-14-2020 LEO SULLIVAN Author of The Coldest Love She's Ever Known  For Book Click Here
8-31-2020 DR MAXINE THOMPSON and Zman discuss the numerous latest events and read your emails
8-3-2020 HOWARD J. ROSS Author of Everyday Bias: Identifying & Navigating Unconscious Judgments In Our Daily Lives For Book Click Here
7-20-2020 JANET MCKEE Author of Stressless Success. The Surprising Secrets To A Life Of Passion, Purpose & Prosperity For Book Click Here
7-13-2020 BJ KITTREDGE Author of How Seniors Are Saving The World: Retirement Activism to the Rescue!  For Book Click Here
6-29-2020 JOSEPH J. LUCIANO, Ph.D. Unlearning Anxiety & Depression: The 4-Step Self-Coaching Program To Reclaim Your Life For Book Click Here
6-8-2020 MARY MORRISON New York Times Best Selling Author
6-1-2020 RIOTS IN AMERICA! Dr. Thompson discusses the latest on-going crisis in the USA
5-18-2020 LYN LESCH Author of Intelligence In The Digital Age  For Book Click Here
5-11-2020 DR. MAXINE THOMPSON presents her new memoire: Lineage
4-20-2020 TIFFANY JANA Author of Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Understand, Identify, and stop Micro-aggressions.
4-6-2020 REBEKAH BASTIAN Author of Blaze Your Own Trail  For Book Click Here
3-23-2020 LUTISHIS LOVELY Author of Saving Her Shadow  For Book Click Here
3-2-2020 NITA BROOKS Author of The Essence of Perfection
2-24-2020 CHARLES W. JOHNSON Author of America. Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave For Book Click Here
2-10-2020 MARY MONROE New York Times Best-Selling Author of One House Over, Never Trust a Stranger, et. al.
2-3-2020 BRIANA COLE, Author of The Hearts We Burn For Book Click Here
1-13-2020 DARREN J. GOLD, Author of Master Your Code: The Art, Wisdom, and Science of Leading An Extraordinary Life
1-6-2020 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN, Ph.D., Author, Publisher, Founder of Black Writers on Tour
12-16-19 PAUL NAPPER, Psy.D.  Co-Author with Anthony Rao, Ph.D., of The Power of Agency: The 7 Principles to Conquer Obstacles, Make Effective Decisions, and Create a Life on Your Own Terms
12-02-19 SUZETTA PERKINS, Author of Stormy
11-11-19 CHARLIE GILKEY, Author of Start Finishing: How to Go From Idea to Done
10-28-19 DIANE R. GEHART, PhD., Author of Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers: A Lighthearted Way to Stress Less and Savor More Each Day
10-21-19 HARVEY WARREN Author of The Optimized Patient: How to Prepare for, Survive, and Recover from Spine Surgery  For Book Click Here
10-14-19 BILL TREASURER Author of Courage Goes to Work: How to Build Backbones, Boost performance & Get Results For Book Click Here
9-30-19 JODIE JACKSON  Author of You Are What You Read.  Why Changing Your Media Diet Can Change the World
9-9-19 MARCK C. PERNA Author of Answering Why Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations For Book Click Here
8-12-19 DR. MAXINE THOMPSON Remembers the life and writings of Author Toni Morrison
7-29-19 TED W. BAXTER  Author of Relentless. How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life For the Better
7-22-19 ORA NADRICH  Thought Coach & Author, Ora Nadrich
7-15-19 RESHONDA TATE BILLINGSLEY  Best-Selling Author
6-17-19 JOYLYNN ROSS  CEO of Path to Publishing Conference
6-3-19 PAULINE LOEWENHARDT  Author of Almost Lost: Detroit Kids Discover Holocaust Secrets and Family Survivors  For Book Click Here
5-13-19 DR. ROBERT T. LONDON, M.D. Author of Find Freedom Fast: Short-Term Therapy That Works: Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Phobias, PTSD, and Insomnia  For Book Click Here
4-29-19 INES TEMPLE Author of You, Incorporated; Your Career is Your Business For Book Click Here
4-22-19 YARIMA KARAMA  Author of P.L.E.E.S: Not Just An Acronym, But 5 Strategies to Success For Melanated People For Book Click Here
4-8-19 DR. CARLA MARIE MANLY Author of Joy From Fear: Create The Life of Your Dreams By Making Fear Your Friend For Book Click Here
3-18-19 Dr. MAXINE THOMPSON  College Admissions Scandal! What a disgrace!
3-11-19 DR. ELAINE FOGEL SCHNEIDER  Author of Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids With Learning Differences; A Step-by-Step Guidebook for Parents and Professionals  For Book Click Here
2-25-19 JAMIE POPE Award-Winning Author of One Warm Winter
2-18-19 MARY MONROE Best Selling Author
2-11-19 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Founder of Black Writers on Tour
1-7-19 MATTHEW LUHN Author of The Best Story Wins: How to Leverage Hollywood Storytelling in Business & Beyond For Book Click Here
12-17-18 Maxine Thompson and Writers Group, Saturday Morning Literary Workshop perform Readings from different writers reflecting “The Me Too” Movement
12-3-18 LOUANNE LUDWIG Author of A Journey Within
11-19-18 DANIELLE SECK Author of Yesterday's Tomorrow For Book Click Here
11-5-18 SHERRY CORMIER Author of Sweet Sorrow For Book Click Here
10-29-18 VIVIANNE NATEL  Author of Becoming The Light
10-22-18 CYDNEY RAX Author of A Sister's Survival Novels, et al For Book Click Here
10-8-18 SHELLY ELLIS Author of In These Streets For Book Click Here
9-24-18 LAURIE HOLLMAN, Ph.D.  Author of Busy Parents Guide to Managing Anger in Children and Teens and Busy Parents Guide to Managing Anxiety in Children and Teens  For Book Click Here
9-17-18 ELLE WRIGHT Author of Pleasured by You, et. al. For Book Click Here
9-10-18 CAMERYN KING Novelist and Author of Triple Threat, et. al. For Book Click Here
8-20-18 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN and DR. THOMPSON honor the passing of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin
8-13-18 H.V. MacARTHUR Author of Low Man On the Totem Pole For Book Click Here
7-23-18 VICKY OLIVER Author of Live Like a Millionaire (Without Having to Be One)
7-16-18 DR. MAXINE THOMPSON and ArtistFirst's Zman discuss Racism in America.
7-9-18 JUDY PATTERSON WENZEL  Author of Memoir, Light from the Cage: 25 Years in a Prison Classroom For Book Click Here
6-25-18 KEITH CHILDS Author of Novel, EZ Prey: The Trilogy For Book Click Here
6-11-18 SUZETTA PERKINS Author of Free Love For Book Click Here
6-4-18 VANESSA A. FLEETON Author of Preparing Today for the Life You Want Tomorrow: 8 Steps to Pursue Your Dreams For Book Click Here
5-22-18 KELLY RIGGS Co-Author of Counter Mentor Leadership: How to Unlock The Potential of a 4-Generation Workplace For Book Click Here
5-14-18 LYNDA SHRAGER,  Author of Age in Place; A Guide to Modifying, Organizing, and De-cluttering Mom and Dad’s Home: Keep Them Safe, Keep YOU Sane  For Book Click Here
5-7-18 JOSEPH CHRISTIANO, ND, CNC, CNHP,  Author of Stem Cell Revolution: Discover 26 Disruptive Technological Advances in Stem Cell Activation For Book Click Here
4-30-18 MONICA D. HIGGINS Debut Author of  Remodel Success: Home Remodeling: Done Right, On Time, and On Budget  For Book Click Here
4-16-18 DR. QUEEN SHAMALA SYKES  Debut Author of Black Butterfly Soul Songs For Book Click Here
4-9-18  DR. JEWELL PARKER RHODES  Author of Ghost Boys   For Book Click Here  
3-26-18 JALAJA BONHEIM, Ph.D. Author of The Magic of Circlework: The Practice Women Around the World Are using to Heal and Empower Themselves  For Book Click Here
3-19-18 ANNI KEFFER  Author of Leadership Built On Why: A Guide for Young Adults  For Book Click Here
3-5-18 TSEHAI ESSIEBEA FARRELL Debut Author of Novel, Woven Into The Fabric  For Book Click Here
2-26-18 BARBARA JOE WILLIAMS Award Winning Publisher, Editor, Proof Reader, Consultant, Author of A Night to Remember, et. al. For Book Click Here
2-19-18 K. M. JACKSON Award Winning Author of The Betting Vow, et. al. For Book Click Here
2-5-18 MARY MONROE New York Times Best-Selling Author of One House Over, Never Trust a Stranger, et. al.
1-29-18 THELMA REESE and BARBARA FLEISHER Authors of The New Senior Man: Exploring New Horizons, New Opportunities
1-22-18 JESSICA WRIGHT TILLES Publisher, Author, Editor, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer
1-8-18 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN  Publisher, Author, Founder of Black Writers on Tour
12-18-17 PATRICIA ANNE PHILLIPS Author of Two-Sided Heart, et. al. For Book Click Here
12-11-17 ROLAND GRIFFITH Author of Find Peace One Pop at a Time: Moving from anxiety and pain to joy and hope. For Book Click Here

TYRONE GIVENS Author of The Bennu Project For Book Click Here

11-13-17 TRACIE LOVELESS HILL Author of Unwise Decisions, et. al. For Book Click Here
11-06-17 DR. MAXINE THOMPSON Write A Novel In A Month?
10-23-17 WILLIAM JENSEN  Author of Cities of Men  For Book Click Here
10-9-17 E.N.JOY Author, Literary Entrepreneur, Owner of Path to Publishing. For more info Click Here

ORA NADRICH  Says Who?: How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever Click Here


FRAN LEWIS Author of  A Daughter’s Promise For Book Click Here


CHEF KEIDI AWADU Author of Living Superfood Recipes  Volume 2   For Book Click Here

8-28-17 D. WATKINS Author of The Cook Up  A Crack Rock Memoir  For Book Click Here

ERIKA FLINT Author of Reprogram Your Weight. Stop Thinking about Food All The Time, Regain Control of your Eating, and Lose the Weight Once and for All. For Book Click Here.

8-14-17 MICHAEL COLYAR  Author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House. I knocked on the Door and a Brother Answered. For Book Click Here.
7-31-17 SUZETTA PERKINS  Author of Two Down: The Inconvenient Truth  For Book Click Here
7-24-17 DENISE R. GREEN, MLA  Author of Work-Life Brilliance: Tools to Break Stress and Create the Life and Health You Crave For Book Click Here
7-10-17 BERNICE L. McFADDEN Author of The Book of Harlan For Book Click Here
6-26-17 VALERIE J. LEWIS COLEMAN Author of The Wait of Success: How to Become an Overnight Success in 7,300 Days  For Book Click Here
6-19-17 JUSTICE CLARKE Author of Emotions In Ink and Radio Host of Art of the Artist sharing insights into writing & Publishing
6-5-17 MAXINE THOMPSON Author, Editor, Literary Agent. A show about serious current events in U.S.A.
5-22-17 LIZ CROCKER Author of Transforming Memories Sharing Spontaneous Writing Using Loaded Words with Polly Bennell & Holly Book, Co-Authors. For Book Click Here
5-15-17 LEE CHARLES Author of Governess of Seductive Abuse Order Books:
5-8-17 MAXINE THOMPSON Welcomes her friends from the Saturday Morning Literary Workshop
4-17-17 CAMERON C. TAYLOR Author of The Way of Aloha: Lana 'i et. al
4-10-17 ONEITA JACKSON Author of Letters From Mrs. Grundy and Nappy-Headed Negro Syndrome Click for More Info
3-27-17 DR. MAXINE THOMPSON Discusses the epidemic of missing black girls in America, and your emails.
3-20-17 SHANNON TUBBS Author of History Is A Part of Me. A Hip Hop Poem of African American Inventors: Educational Activity For Book Click Here
3-6-17 CARRIE H. JOHNSON Author of Hot Flash  For Book Click Here
2-27-17 DR. MAXINE THOMPSON Author of Affirmations & Essays for Melanoid People For Book Click Here
2-20-17 OLYMPIA LePOINT Author of Mathaphobia  For Book Click Here
2-13-17 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN  Publisher, Author, Founder of Black Writers on Tour
1-30-17 TENSIE J. TAYLOR Author of Bullied. From Terror to Triumph For Book Click Here
1-16-17 BRIANA & DR. PETER BORTEN Authors of The Well Life How to Structure Sweetness and Space To Create Balance, Happiness and Peace For Book Click Here
1-9-17 ROY GLENN Author of Hostile Takeover  For Book Click Here
12-19-16 DR. LOTTIE PERKINS Author of Treat Your Body Like a Temple For Book Click Here
12-12-16 BOBBY PEOPLES Author of How to Make Movies and Money Manual
12-5-16 NATASHIA DEON  Best Selling Debut Author of Grace.
11-14-16 ROLONDA WATTS Emmy and Cable Ace Award-Nominated talk show host, Author of Destiny Lingers For Book Click Here
11-7-16 PATRICIA G. POPE Author of The Bishop For Book Click Here
10-31-16 E.N. JOY Best-Selling Author of Lady of the House and others
10-17-16 JASON OVERSTREET Debut Author of The Strivers’ Row Spy For Book Click Here
10-10-16 KATI KLEBBER, BSN, RN, CCRN  Author of Admit One: What You Must Know When Going to the Hospital But No One Actually Tells You! For Book Click Here
10-03-16 STAN GOLDBERG Nonfiction Author of Loving, Supporting, and Caring for the Cancer Patient:
A Guide to Communication, Compassion, and Courage 
For Book Click Here
9-19-16 JODI BAKER Debut, Best-Selling Author of Young Adult Novel, Trust  For Book Click Here
9-12-16 ORA NADRICH Author of Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever For Book Click Here
8-8-16 JUDSON BACOT Author of  The Evolution of America’s Homebred Terrorist: The Changing Culture an Indisputable, Comprehensive, Provocative Scrutiny Into the Makings and World of America’s Urban Terrorist  For Book Click Here
7-18-16 TERRENCE R. McCREA  Author of What Should We All Do After The Trayvon Martin Trial? For Book Click Here
6-27-16 JEWELL PARKER RHODES, Children’s Books.  Author of Towers Falling
6-20-16 CHERRIE WOODS Eclectic PR Owner, Author of Where Do I Start? 10 PR Questions and Answers to Guide Self-Published Authors For Book Click Here
6-13-16 KATHLEEN GAGE  Entrepreneur, Author of Power Up for Profits For Book Click Here
6-6-16 DAVE VIZARD Author of A Grand Murder For Book Click Here
5-23-16 BEVERLY A. WILLIAMS Author of Get The Job Done.
5-16-16 CAROLYN HOWARD JOHNSON Award-winning Author of The Frugal Editor
4-25-16 BRAHMASHAKTI FUDAIL Author of The Beautiful Evolving You  For Book Click Here
4-18-16 SHELLIE BLUM Author of  Waterski Girl Wonder: A Journey of Perseverance  For Book Click Here
4-4-16 LC GREEN C.P.A., Publisher of How to Obtain Funding For Your Start-Up and Loans for Your Business
3-21-16 JOHN GOODWIN Publisher of Galaxy Press, Writers of the Future, Golden Age Stories, Golden Age Theater.
3-8-16 LISA LEWTAN Author of Calm Down, Ditch Your Inner-Critic Bitch And Finally Figure out What Your Body Needs to Thrive For Book Click Here
2-29-16 LINDA DIANE WATTLEY  Author of  Soldiers With a Backpack: Living and Dying Simultaneously  For Book Click Here
2-22-16 CHRISTOPHER EMIL WILLIAMS, Publisher, Author of Black Blue Bloods, Legacy of an African-American Plantation Owner                                                          
2-15-16 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Speaker, Business Woman, Author, Publisher, Media Personality. Founder of Black Writers on Tour For Website Click Here
2-8-16 GREGORY M. MARTIN, M.D. author of Everything You Need to Know For Happy, Healthy and Pain-Free Knees
1-25-16 PAMELA F. LENEHAN, author of My Mother, My Mentor
1-18-16 KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY  New York Times Best-Selling Author
1-11-16 TARA L. THOMPSON Author, Divided Souls
12-21-15 SUZETTA PERKINS National Best Selling Author
12-14-15 LASHAUNDA C. HOFFMAN Award Winning Magazine Owner and Author
12-7-15 TAYLOR PAYTON Award Winning Illustrator included in Anthology Writers of the Future, Volume 31  For Book Click Here
11-9-15 DR. JOSEPH F. BENTIVEGNA, M.D. Author of  The Neglected and Abused: A Physician’s Year in Haiti  For Book Click Here
11-2-15 RENATE REIMAN, Ph.D., Author of Beyond Procrastination. How To Stop Postponing Your Life. For Book Click Here
10-19-15 ALONZO WILLIAM Author of N.ot W.ithout A.lonzo Memoirs of Alonzo (Lonzo) Williams  For book Click Here
10-04-15 DIANE & MARIO CLOUTIER Co-Authors of ReLovenship: Look Within to Love Again. For book Click Here.
9-28-15 JAMES A. WHITE SR. Author of A Better World: Understanding How Your Personal Operating Systems Affects Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
9-21-15 ALLAN McDOUGALL  Author of Breaking Through Discovering the Riches Within For book Click Here.
9-14-15 DR. JOHNNY LOPS Author of Reinvent Yourself Essential Tools From A Brooklyn Psychiatrist Who Has Seen It All  For book Click Here.
8-31-15 VAUGHN L. MCKOY, JD, MBA Author/Publisher  Playing Up: One Man’s Rise from Public Housing to Public Service through Mentorship
8-17-15 CLARENCE NERO Crowd funding for Independent Films Founder of Bayou Soul Writers Conference
7-20-15 ALMA H. BOND, Ph.D  Author of "Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch," "Jackie O: On the Couch," "Michelle Obama, a Biography."
6-29-15 CHRISTY LYNN ABRAM Debut Novel, Little Miss Somebody
6/15/15 ADELE RYAN McDOWELL, Ph.D Author of Making Peace With Suicide
6/8/15 E.N. JOY National Best-Selling Author
6/1/15 CAROLYN HOWARD-JOHNSON This is the Place,, How to do it Frugally Series
5/18/15 CHARMAINE R. ROBERTS Author of Under Wrapped
5/11/15 SHELIA GOSS Author of Novels, Upcoming Aftermath, and Secrets Uncovered For Website Click Here
4/27/15 MONICA CARTER Tagore Best-Selling Author, Business Owner of Monica Carter Tagore, Inc. For Website Click Here.
4/20/15 MARTHA TUCKER Award-winning Author, of The Mayor’s Wife Wore Sapphires, Founder of Indie Best Writers For Website Click Here.
3/30/15 OMAR TYREE NY Times Best- Selling Author, Publisher of The Traveler, For Website Click Here
3/23/15 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Speaker, Business Woman, Author, Publisher, media personality. Founder of Black Writers on Tour For Website Click Here
2/23/15 CLARENCE NERO Founder of Bayou Soul Writers Conference Tribute to Dr. Mayou Angelou For Website Click Here
2/16/15 DONNA HILL Best-Selling Author: 25th Anniversary for Numerous Titles  The One I Want For Website Click Here
2/09/15 UNTIL Author of I Just Want to Write For Website Click Here
2/02/15 SHELIA GOSS Author of upcoming novel,  Aftermath  For Website Click Here
1/19/15 LINDA HOLLANDER Author of  Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps For Website Click Here
1/12/15 THERESA CAMPBELL Author of  Novel, God Has Spoken For Website Click Here
12/22/14 JOHN GOODWIN Publisher of Galaxy Press For Website Click Here
12/15/14 JUDE BIJOU M.A., M.F.T, Consultant, Author of  Award-Winning Book: Attitude Reconstruction For Website Click Here
12/08/14 PATRICIA BRIDEWELL Author/Speaker/Publisher of  A Generation of Curses et. al. For Website Click Here
12/01/14 DAN POYNTER Author/Speaker/Publisher of Self Publishing Manual, Vol. 2, et. al. For Books Click Here For website:
11/24/14 NANCY LYNEE WOO Author/Editor/Publisher of Anthology: Gutters & Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle For Website Click Here.
11/10/14 HARRY PHELPS Author of Growing Up Obama: The Making Of a President For Website Click Here
10/27/14 CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS Author of  Black Blue Bloods: Legacy of an African American Plantation Owner For Book Click Here
10/13/14 BABA EVANS MOORE Author of Thriller Novel: Terrorist For Website Click Here.
10/06/14 CHRISTINE YOUNG-ROBINSON Author of  Debut Novel: We Didn’t See It Coming For Website Click Here.
9/22/14 VICKY OLIVER Speaker, Business Etiquette Expert, Author, of  Bad Bosses, Crazy Co-Workers & Other Office Idiots For Website Click Here
9/15/14 DALE O’BODY Producer/Screenwriter/ of  “Hollywood Blues” For Video Click Here
9/08/14 JEAN LOVE CUSH Author of Novel, Endangered For Website Click Here
8/25/14 MINISTER BRYANT KEITH WILLIAMS, Sr. Author of The Ugly Side of America: A Society that Still Devalues Black Men
 For Website Click Here
8/18/14 TONY WATKINS Author of Shackles
7/21/14 TRACIE LOVELESS HILL Author of Preying Time For Website Click Here
7/14/14 ANJUELLE FLOYD Author of When The Drum Major Died For Website Click Here
6/23/14 PAMELA SAMUELS YOUNG Award-Winning Author of  Anybody’s Daughter For Website Click Here
6/16/14 LINDA SPANGLE, RN, MA  Author of Friends With The Scale How To Turn Your Scale Into a Powerful Weight Loss Tool For Website Click Here
6/9/14 KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY New York Times Best Selling Author of 20 books (so far)
6/02/14 JUDE BIJOU MFT, educator, Author of  Attitude Reconstruction For Website Click Here
5/19/14 SIDNEY COOPER Author/Publisher of  Black Street For Book Click Here
5/05/14 WAHIDA CLARK New York Times Best Selling Author, Publisher, Author of Blood, Sweat, and Payback For Website Click Here
4/28/14 SUZETTA PERKINS Author, Book Club Founder) Author of Silver Bullets For Website Click Here
4/14/14 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Speaker, Business Woman, Author, Publisher, media personality. Founder of Black Writers on Tour For Website Click Here
4/07/14 SARAH JAKES Speaker, Business Woman, writer, media personality.  Debut Author of Lost & Found Finding Hope in the Detours of Life For Website Click Here
3/24/14 C.J. MCCULLOM Author of Chain Reactions For Book Click Here
3/17/14 E.N.JOY Author of I Ain’t Me No More For Website Click Here
3/10/14 THERESA CAMPBELL Author of Are You There, God? For Book Click Here
3/03/14 JANICE E. SULLIVAN Publisher/Author of Cucumbers Have Thorns and Snakes Love Strawberries For Book Click Here
2/24/14 BARBARA JOE WILLIAMS Publisher/Author of First Class Love For Book Click Here
2/03/14 SHELIA GOSS National Best-selling Author of The Joneses For Website Click Here
1/27/14 ELLIOTT CONNIE Author of The Solution Focused Marriage: 5 Simple Habits That Will Bring Out The Best in the Relationship
For Book Click Here
1/20/14 STELLA HALL Filmmaker/Author of Swing Lowe, Sweet Chariot For Website Click Here
1/13/14  VICKY OLIVER Author of 301 Smart Answers to Tough Business Etiquette Questions For Book Click Here
12/16/13 MARSHA LYNN Author of Don’t Say That! How to Keep Your Words From Hurting You For Website Click Here
12/09/13 TOMMY MABRY Author of A Dark Journey To A Light Future For Website Click Here
12/02/13 JUDE BIJOU Author of Attitude Reconstruction A Blueprint for Building a Better Life For Website Click Here
11/25/13 VANESSA DAVIS GRIGGS Author of The Other Side of Divine For Website Click Here
11/18/13 MARVIN BROWN Author of How to Meet and Talk to Anyone…Anywhere…Anytime For Book Click Here
11/04/13 SYLVIA LAFAIR CEO, and Award-Winning Author of Gutsy Women For Website Click Here.
10/28/13 PANSY ELIZABETH CLAYTON Author of SOS: Simple Old Solution for Type 2 Diabetes For Website Click Here.
10/21/13 CHARMAINE R. PARKER Author of The Trophy Wives For Website Click Here.
10/07/13 SANDY NEAL Author of Poppa For Website Click Here.
9/16/13 TREVOR BLAKE  NY Times Best Selling Author of Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life
For Website Click Here.
9/09/13 RANDALL KENNEDY Author of For Discrimination: Race, Affirmative Action, and the Law For Website Click Here.
8/19/13 TW WALKER Bestselling Author of  Super Hero Success For Book Click Here
7/22/13 KATHLEEN GAGE Bestselling Author of Power Up for Profits: The Smart Women’s Guide to Online Marketing
For Website Click Here
7/15/13 ANFRA BOYD Author of You Are My Sister For Website Click Here
7/08/13 MAXINE THOMPSON Best-selling Author of Novel, LA Blues For Website Click Here
6/24/13 MAURICE THOMPSON Documentary Filmmaker/Producer of "So You Wanna Be a Producer" See Trailer
6/10/13 SHELIA LIPSEY Best Selling Author of What’s Blood Got to Do With It? For Website Click Here
6/03/13 SPARKLE aka SHELIA GOSS National Best Selling Author of Sade's Secret For Website Click Here
5/13/13 SUZETTA PERKINS National Best Selling Author, Author of A the End of the Day For Website Click Here
5/06/13 Details to post soon Listen here.
4/29/13 VICKY OLIVER Author of  301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions For Website Click Here
4/22/13 WAHIDA CLARK New York Times Best-Selling Author of Honor Thy Thug Click Here For Book
4/15/13 CHRISTINA STEINORTH Author of Cue Cards for Life: Thoughtful tips for Better Relationships For Website Click Here
4/08/13 JENNIFER LUCKETT Author of Trifling For Book Click Here
3/25/13 DERRICK BURKE Author of Blind Evidence For Website Click Here
3/11/13 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN, Publisher, Internet Radio Host, Author, Founder of Black Writers on Tour, Founder of Black Writers on Tour For Website Click Here
3/04/13 MICHAEL F. BLAKE Author of The Holy City For Book Click Here
2/25/13 TREASURE BLUE, Essence Best-Selling Author  Author of Fly Betty For Book Click Here
2/18/13  ANNA BLACK ,Best-Selling Author Author of Split Image For Website Click Here
2/11/13 KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY New York Times Best Selling Author, Author of The Perfect Marriage For Website Click Here
2/04/13 DEAN LINCOLN HYERS Co Developed with Pete Machalek Author of  Winning Presence for Business Presenters For Website Click Here
1/28/13 DR. ROMEO TAYLOR Author of Exposed: True Black History As It Has Never Been Taught For Website Click Here
1/21/13 DR. RICHARD ISSACCSON Author of The Alzheimer's Diet  For Website Click Here
1/14/13 DARRELL KING National Best Selling Author of Deadly Phine, et. al. For Website Click Here
1/07/13 MICHELLE MCGRIFF National Best Selling Author of In Search of Passion, et. al. For Website Click Here
12/17/12 SPARKLE aka SHELIA GOSS National Best Selling Author of Sade's Secret For Website Click Here
12/10/12 B. BARMANBEK Author of Culpa Innata For Book Click Here

CATHERINE FLOWERS Debut Author of Yesterday's Eyes For Book Click Here

11/19/12 EVELYN LOZADA and COURTNEY PARKER Co-Author of The Inner Circle For Book Click Here
11/12/12 NAKIA R. LAUSHAUL National Best Selling Author of Running From Solace For Website Click Here
10/29/12 DALE Producer/Author of Luv For Keeps For Documentary Click Here
10/22/12 CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS Author of The Killer Job For Book Click Here
10/15/12  TREVOR BLAKE New York Times Best Selling Author of  Three Simple Steps, A Map to Success in Business and Life.
 For Website Click Here
 For Book Click Here
10/01/12 KWAN National Best Selling Author of Animal  For Website Click Here
9/24/12 SPARKLE aka SHELIA GOSS National Best Selling Author of Sade's Secret For Website Click Here
9/17/12 SUZETTA PERKINS National Best Selling Author, Author of A the End of the Day For Website Click Here
9/10/12 DR. DANIELA ROHER Co-Author of Couples At the Crossroads For Website Click Here
8/20/12 CEO, L.C. GREEN Author of Ebooks Steps to Success and The Principles of Small Business Tax
6/18/12 KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY New York Times Best Selling Author of The Reverend's Wife For Website Click Here
6/11/12 CLARENCE NERO Founder of Bayou Soul Readers and Writers Conference For Website Click Here
6/04/12 YVONNE PERRY Author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness For Website Click Here
5/21/12 DIANE CARBONELL Author of 150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too For Book Click Here

WAHIDA CLARK Publisher/New York Times Best Selling Author of Payback Ain't Enough For Website Click Here

5/07/12 ANNA BLACK Author of Who Do I Run To Now? For Website Click Here
4/30/12 JESSICA TILLES Author of Loving Simone For Website Click Here
4/16/12 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN  Publisher, Author, Founder of Black Writers on Tour For Website Click Here

DR. LYNNE ZIMMERMAN Author of Heal Yourself: Using the Scientifically Proven Mind-Body Connection to Manage
Chronic Pain, Depression, Cancer and More
For Book Click Here

4/02/12 PROFESSOR FRED WILLIAMS Author, Managing Editor of Novel, Divine Literary Publishing For Website Click Here
3/26/12 YVONNE MEDDLE Author of Debut Novel, God in Wingtip Shoes For Book Click Here  For Website Click Here

DR. RICHARD WALKER, JR, M.D. Author of African-American Healthy: What You Need to Know To Protect Your Health
For Book Click Here

3/05/12 N'TYSE  Author of Novel, Twisted Seduction For Website Click Here

E.V. ADAMS Author of  Novel, Darling Nikki  For Book Click Here

2/20/12 TRACIE LOVELESS HILL Author of Novel, Escape From the Garden of Eden For Book Click Here
2/13/12 MAXINE THOMPSON Best-selling Author of Novel, LA Blues For Website Click Here
2/06/12 JACQUELINE E. LUCKETT  Author of Novel, Passing Love For Website Click Here
1/30/12 QUINIECE SHEPPARD Author of Before the Lights Go Out For Website Click Here
1/23/12 SHELIA GOSS National Bestselling Author of Novel, Ruthless For Website Click Here
1/16/12 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN  Publisher, Author, Founder of Black Writers on Tour For Website Click Here
1/09/12 SUZETTA PERKINS  National Best selling Author of Novel, Betrayed For Website Click Here

MICHELLE MCGRIFF  National Best selling Author of Accident Prone For Website Click Here

11/14/11 KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY  New York Times Best selling Author of Secret Obsession For Website Click Here
11/07/11 NANCY H. MARSHALL, ESQ. Author of Rosie's Gold For Book Click Here
10/31/11 FRAN LEWIS Author of "Because We Care" For Website Click Here
10/24/11 BERNICE BRIGHT DICKEY  Author of My #1 is Still My #1 For Website Click Here

TAMIKA NEWHOUSE Best-Selling Author & CEO of Delphine Publications For Website Click Here


M.T. POPE  Author of Both Sides of the Fence 3 For Website Click Here


T. STYLES CEO of The Cartel Publications  For Website Click Here


CHARMAINE PARKER Author of The Next Phase of Life For Book Click Here

9/19/11 MARIAN L. THOMAS  Author of My Father's Colors For Website Click Here
9/12/11 ASHLEY AND JAQUAVIS authors of 36 books in the last 5 years For Website Click Here

HARRY PHELPS author of Big Mama's Children


TERRY CAMPER  Author of Letters to My Teenage Daughters For Website Click Here

8/15/11 SHELIA GOSS  Best-selling Author of Young Adult Secrets Untold For Website Click Here
8/08/11 J.M. BENJAMIN CEO of A New Quality Publishing Company For Website Click Here

TED HUNTER Author of Money Smart For Book Click Here

7/25/11 YVONNE PERRY Business Owner Author of Whose Stuff is This? For Book Click Here
7/18/11 JEFFERY ABUGEL  Author of Stranger to Myself For Book Click Here

THOMAS YAKOVLEV-FREDRICKSEN, M.S. C.A.S.E  Co-Founder of The Buteyko Method For Book Click Here

5/23/11 RICHARD GENTRY Author of Raising Confident Readers. For Book Click Here

KIMBERLY ANN COOTS  Author of Divine Worth For Website Click Here

5/09/11 DAVID J. PALMITER JR., PhD, ABPP Author of Working Parents, Thriving Families For Book Click Here
5/02/11 NI'CHELLE GENOVESE and MAURICE "FIRST" TONIA National Best-Selling Authors of Baby Momma For Book Click Here
4/25/11 BRIAN W. SMITH Owner of Hollygrove Publishing Company National Best-Selling Author of Deadbeat For Website Click Here
4/18/11 DELL BANKS Best selling Author of Shady For Website Click Here
4/4/11 NANCY FLOWERS & COURTNEY PARKER Authors of He Was My Man First For Book Click Here
3/29/11 RAHEIM BROOKS Author of Laugh Now

ANJUELLE FLOYD Author of The House


DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN National Best-Selling  Author/Publisher/Founder of Black Writers on Tour For Website Click Here

3/7/11 SHELIA GOSS   National Best-Selling Author of Savannah's Curse
2/28/11 BISHOP EDWIN J. DERENSBOURG, III, Ph.D., Th.D.  Author of Creating Your Own Reality For Website Click Here
2/21/11 MELANIE DENISE PERRY Author of All About the Benjamins: Helping People Create Sustainable Wealth in the
Midst of Financial Insanity For Website Click Here
2/14/11 ERIC PETE Author of Piano in the Dark For Website Click Here
2/07/11 BRANT SECUNDA AND MARK ALLEN Authors of Fit Soul & Fit Body For Website Click Here
1/31/11 GARRET MILLER  Author of Hire On a Whim  For Website Click Here

JIM CAMP National Best-selling Author of No: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home
For Book Click Here


DEBORAH L. HARRIS Author of Trapped in a World of Silence For Website Click Here


VANESSA DAVIS GRIGGS National Best-selling Author of Ray of Hope For Website Click Here


MICHELLE MCGRIFF Author of Swerve For Book Click Here

12/13/10 SHELIA GOSS Author of Delilah For Website Click Here
12/06/10 ROSALYN MCMILLAN Author of Rosalyn McMillan For Website Click Here

PAT TUCKER Author of Daddy by Default For Website Click Here


TONY RICHARDS Author of Self Confidence For Website Click Here

11/15/10 JASON BIRO Author of Saving Your American Dream For Books Click Here
11/08/10 MEGAN JOHNSON AND LARRY JOHNSON Author of Generations, Inc. For Book Click Here
10/25/10 GINA M. MAISANO Author of Intimacy After Breast Cancer For Book Click Here

ELECTRA ROME PARKS  Author of Diary of a Stalker For Website Click Here


PAT G'ORGE-WALKER Author of Don't Blame the Devil For book click here


DR MICHAEL D. BANOV  Author of "Taking Antidepressants" For book click here

9/27/10 KAISER KIMBLE  Author of "A Vietnam Marine's Memoir" For book click here
9/13/10 LENA SCOTT Author of "West End Girls"
8/30/10 IMANI TRUE AND DREAMA SKY Author of  "Strawberries Stilettos and Steam" For book click here.
8/23/10 JONATHAN MAXWELL Author of "Murderous Intellectuals" For book click here.

MICHELLE LARKS Author of " Faith"

8/9/10 LEOLA CHARLES Author of  "Carlette Pousant: Island Girl" For Book click here
8/2/10 PAMELA SAMUELS YOUNG Best-selling Author of Buying Time
7/26/10 CAROL M. MACKEY Author of Sister Girl Devotions For Book Click Here
7/18/10 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Authors of What You Need to Know Before You Start a Business Click here for book
7/12/10 JERZY GREGOREK Author of The Happy Body: The Simple Science of Nutrition, Exercise, and Relaxation      For Book Click Here
6/07/10 FRAN LEWIS Author of Memories are Precious  For Book Click Here
5/24/10 CHARLENE GREEN Author of And They'll Come Home Click Here For Book
5/17/10 BARBARA KENNEDY, MPH, MSW  Author of Baby Boomer Men Looking for Love For Book Click Here

E. N. JOY  Author of  She Who Finds a Husband For Book Click Here

4/26/10 GARY REISWIG  Author of The Thousand Mile Stare One Family's Journey Through the Struggle and Science of Alzheimer's For Book Click Here
4/19/10 ROSLYN WYCHE-HAMILTON Author of Finding Joy in Pain 2  For Book Click Here
4/12/10 MEL BANCROFT Author of Bittersweet Blues
3/22/10 FAYE ELLEN KUFAHL Author of Nutterville: And Other True Stories of Coping With Mental Illness For Book Click Herel
3/15/10 FREEMAN MICHAELS Author of Weight Release: A Liberating Journey 
3/8/10 RENA FINNEY Author of A Worthy Love  For Book Click Here
3/1/10 MICHELLE McGRIFF Author of Blood Relation
2/22/10 SHELIA GOSS Best selling Author of Paper Thin
2/15/10 LEIGH McKNIGHT Author of From My Front Porch Click here for book

RACHEL BERRY Author of Family Pictures Click here for book

2/1/10 GLORIA EDWARDS TAYLOR Author of Strange Flesh and the Circle of Chamesh For Book Click Here
1/25/10 PAT G'ORGE-WALKER Author of Somebody's Sinning in My Bed  For Book Click Here
1/18/10 NNAMDI OSUAGWU Author of Facebook Addiction Click Here For Book
1/11/10 KEISHA ERWIN Author of  Gunz and Roses For Book Click Here
1/4/10 TINA McKINNEY Author of Deep Deception Click here for book

T. NICOLE Author of My Own Terms Click here for book.


DWAYNE S. JOSEPH  Author of Betrayal Click here for book.


BRENDA HAMPTON Author of Naughty 3 Click here for book.

12/07/09 M. T. POPE Author of Both Sides of The Fence For Book Click Here.
11/23/09 YVONNE PERRY Author of The Sid Series A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children
11/16/09 MAXINE THOMPSON is interviewed about her new book Hostage of Lies  for book click here
11/09/09 GLORIA MALLETTE Award-winning Author of Sassy

JAN DENISE Author of Innately Good--Dispelling the Myth that You're Not

10/19/09 DR. DAVID SWANSON  Author of Help--My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy
10/12/09 LEIGH McKNIGHT Best selling Author of
Sinners Never Sleep
For Book Click Here
10/5/09 SHELIA GOSS Best selling Author of Young Adult

LENA SCOTT aka Michelle McGriff
Author of West End Girls

Author of The Power of Your Child's Imagination
9/14/09 NIKA C. BEAMON Author of "I Didn't Work This Hard Just to Get Married"  Click here for book
8/31/09 SUZETTA PERKINS Co-Author of Deja Vu
8/24/09 TIM BURRESS Co-Author of The Hamster Revolution For Meetings
8/17/09 WILLIAM ANDERSON, LMHC  author of The Anderson Method
8/3/09 PAUL WILSON, JR. Author of Dream Big How to Pursue a Bold, Innovative God-Inspired Life
7/27/09 D. Y. PHILLIPS  Bestselling Author of  Love Trumps Game, et. al.
7/20/09 SHELIA GOSS Bestselling Author of Invisible Wife, et. al.
7/6/09 TONY ROSE  Publisher of Michael Jackson: King of Pop  For Book Click Here
6/29/09 RANDY LOREN Author of Climbing the Money Mountain
6/22/09 SHELIA GOSS  Author of  The Ultimate Test: First in the Young Adult Series, The Lip Gloss Chronicles For Book Click Here
6/15/09 MICHELE MCGRIFF Author of "Feels Like Falling, et. al."
6/8/09 JANICE LAUDERDALE Author of The Wealth of The Wicked For Book Click Here
6/1/09 DR. DUKE JOHNSON Author of The Optimal Health Revolution For Book Click Here
5/19/09 NOSHAWNDA ELLIS Author of Keeping Secrets, Telling Lies For Book Click Here For Book Click Here
5/11/09 CATHERINE CRAWFORD Author of The Highly Intuitive Child
5/4/09 ROSLYN WYCHE-HAMILTON Author of Finding Joy in Pain   http:/
4/27/09 CHARLENE GREEN Author of One Man's Treasure
4/20/09 DR. ROY ESKAPA  Author of The Cure for Alcoholism

DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Founder of Black Writers on Tour

3/23/09 Leola Charles  Author of Hussey Place
3/16/09 DENISE CAMPBELL  Publisher of Universal Write
3/9/09 MICHELLE MCGRIFF  Bestselling Author of  Last Breath and Others
3/2/09 KATHLEEN GAGE The Streetsmarts Speaker and Bestselling Author of The Law of Achievement and Others 
2/23/09 KAIRA DENEE  Bestselling Author of Sugar's Daddy and Others
2/16/09 MONICA CARTER Bestselling Author of Scandalous Truth and Others
2/9/09 SHELIA GOSS Bestselling Author of My Invisible Husband and Others
2/2/09 ZANE Strebor Books Publisher, New York Times Bestselling Author of Honey Flava and others
1/26/09 GL HENDERSON Author of "The Fantasy Master"
1/19/09 RELENTLESS AARON Bestselling Author of Seems Like You're Ready
1/12/09 DR. JEROME E. GRANATO  Author of Living with Coronary Heart Disease A Guide for Patients and Families
1/5/09 MAXINE THOMPSON  Literary Agent, Bestselling Author of Kindle Edition, Never Knew Love Like This Before
12/22/08 PAUL FACELLA Author of: Everything I Know About Business I Learned At McDonald's &
The 7 Leadership Principles That Drive Break Out Success
12/15/08 MICHELLE McGRIFF Best Selling Author of Upcoming Last Breath
12/8/08 BYRON RICKS Author of "Searching For Dad"
12/1/08 DR. MICHAEL OZNER Author of "The Miami Mediterranean Diet"
11/24/08 MARNIE PEHRSON  Innovator, Bestselling Author of Savannah Nights
11/17/08 CARLA J. CURTIS MOORE  Author of "A Date with Jesus"  A Woman's Guide to a Closer Relationship with the Lord
11/10/08 BABA EVANS MOORE  Bestselling Author of "An Extraordinary Affair"
11/3/08 JEWELL PARKER RHODES  Best Selling Author
10/2/08 RICHARD KRADIN Author of The Placebo Response: and the Power of Unconscious Healing  (for book - click here Richard Kradin)
10/20/08 SHIRLEY GOSS Author
10/13/08 MARGARET JOHNSON HODGES  Bestselling Author of
Red Light, Green Light   
10/06/08 MICHELLE McGRIFF Bestselling Author of Colored Summer
8/25/08 MARY MONROE New York Times Bestselling Author
8/19/08 PATRICIA BISCH  Author
8/11/08 MARY MORRISON Bestselling Author of  Who's Loving You
7/21 JOAN A. FRIEDMAN, Ph.D.  Author of Emotionally Healthy Twins Joan A. Friedman, Ph.D.
7/14/208 TRACY PRICE THOMPSON Author of
Gather Together in My Name
7/7/08 DR. IDA GREENE  Author of Secrets of Success
6/30/08 SUZETTA PERKINS Author of
Ex-Terminator: Life After Marriage
6/16/08 REED HOLDEN, DBA and MARK BURTON Author of
Pricing With Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table
6/9/08 CLIFFORD WASHINGTON, III Author of Unleveled Ground: Surviving Relationships
6/2/08 DR. ROMEO L. TAYLOR Author of
Exposed: True Black History As It Has Never Been Taught
5/19/08  GEORGE A. COPELAND Author of Walking in the Footsteps of God
5/12/08 JEFFREY GARTON Author of Career Contentment: Don't Settle for Anything Less
5/5/08 DANIEL ASAMOTO  Author of  Mound Bayou
4/28/08 BETTYE GRIFFIN Author of Once Upon A Project
4/21/08 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Founder of Black Writers on Tour
4/14/08 REGINALD BEAL Author of "Zeus, The Avenger
4/7/08 TONY ROSE Ceo/Publisher of Amber Books
3/31/08 SHELIA GOSS Author of  "Double Platinum"
3/24/08 SHERRIE WALKER Author of  Mistress of the Game
3/17/08 Gail Tusan Washington, author of Misjudged
3/10/08 Dr. Rosie Milligan
3/3/08 LILY RATLIFF Author of The Life of a Lily
2/25/08 Special Guests:

New York Times Best Selling Author CARL WEBER "Something On The Side"

Author LOTTIE PERKINS "Eat To Die", registered nurse discusses African American diet.

2/18/08 Special Guests: SUSAN L. TAYLOR and MICHELLE McGRIFF
1/21/08 CAMERON C. TAYLOR  Author of Does Your Bag Have Holes?  24 Truths that Lead to Financial and Spiritual Freedom
1/14/08 CARLA M. MITCHELLAuthor of  Dialogue of the Heart and Mind
1/7/08 LOVELL BRIGHAM Author of  No Men Need Apply
12/17/07 CJ DOMINO Author "Sideline Ho"
12/10/07 PAULETTE WORRELL Author of  The Sound of the Silent Voice 
12/3/07 MONICA CARTER Author of Sacrifice the One
11/26/07 DR. ROSIE MILLIGAN Founder of Black Writers on Tour
11/19/07 SHELIA LIPSEY Author of Sinsationable
11/5/07 MOSES MILLER The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones
10/29/07 MICHELLE McGRIFF Deadly Tease
10/22/07 KARLIN SLOAN Author of Smarter, Faster, Better: Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilling Leadership
10/15/07 KAIRA DENEE Author of Take It There
10/8/07 LEE CHARLES Author of Series "The Truth About Lies"
10/1/07 MASTER P! Hip Hop Legend, Author of Guaranteed Success
9/24/07 B. R. BURNS  Author of Easier Said Than Done
9/10/07 DJ McLAURIN
7/30/07 07-30-07 SHOW PETE BILLAC
7/23/07 07-23-07 SHOW DENISE TURNEY
7/9/07 07-09-07 SHOW
6/25/07 06-25-07 SHOW JANICE SIMS National Bestselling Author of  Constant Craving
6/18/07 06-18-07 SHOW Patryce "Choclet" Banks Author of  A "Choclet" State of Mind
6/11/07 06-11-07 SHOW Michelle McGriff National Bestselling Author of  Colored Summer, Never Knew Love Like This Before, Deadly Tease, OG
6/4/07 06-04-07 SHOW Gloria Mallette National Bestselling Author of  Living, Breathing Lies
5/21/07 05-21-07 SHOW
4/30/07 DR. LINDA HOLLIDAY Author of "Woman of God, A Dedicated Vessel"
4/23/07 NIKKI TURNER Bestselling Author of Forever a Hustler's Wife
4/16/07 SUZETTA PERKINS Author of "Behind the Veil"