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Host Debra Rufini

is a former Samaritan and Kate Bush look-a-like!  Raised in a loving Christian home with a Minister Father, she is passionate about people seeking evidence for themselves for a God of love, especially when those who claim to love and live by Him have unapologetically failed and harmed them along the way.

Debra Rufini is the author of The Artist's Page, an inspirational short story brought to life through expressive illustration. It's an ideal read for anyone on a spiritual journey, spiritually seeking, or spiritually skeptical. It tells of an incredibly talented Artist who has created a love gift upon His drawing board for any of the takers who enter His studio. . . . . . but who will recognize His wonderfully creative hands behind the Masterpiece He has produced for them?

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September 13, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Dr. Jane Gregory

In this show, it is my great pleasure to be speaking with Dr Jane Gregory, Clinical Psychologist, on the subject of Misophonia - something that Jane and I both have in common.  Misophonia is selective sound sensitivity syndrome, where people react to certain sounds, referred to as 'triggers.'  I hope this show is enlightening, and I trust it is of help to any sufferers of this condition. 


August 9, 2019 Show


Special Guest: Maureen Sullivan


In today's show, I have the honor of speaking with Magdalene Laundry survivor, Maureen Sullivan.

The Magdalene Laundries were Irish institutions run by Catholic orders for "fallen women."

The abuse which took place was horrific beyond words.
The fight for justice continues.


July 12, 2019 Show

Female to Female Abuse

In today's show . . . . it's me having a rant!

I want to raise awareness of the rarely recognized issue of

female to female abuse.

In this show, I share my horror story.


June 14, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Bruce Sudano

In today's show, it is my huge pleasure to be speaking with one of my heroes; singer, songwriter, performer, Bruce Sudano.

Bruce was married to the late great Donna Summer for 32 years. He has written many songs for many artists, including his wife.

I hope you will enjoy listening to him as much as I enjoyed speaking with him, which was an absolute privilege.


May 10, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Nancy Little

Today, it is my great privilege to be speaking with the inspirational Nancy Little - survivor of childhood abuse, now motivational speaker and CASA volunteer.

Nancy has had 'a life of horror turned into a life of honour,' as CASA described their award winner.
Nancy is a remarkable woman, as you will hear. 

email Nancy at; 



April 11, 2019 Show

Who Is God?

In this show, I explore a possible link which may be present between narcissism and religious faith.

I also explore the possible nature of God.

Could He truly be all knowing and unconditionally loving, while at the same time have prepared Hell for His own creation who sincerely fail to recognize Him?

I trust this show will be thought provoking. 


March 8, 2019 Show


Today, it is my pleasure to speak with

 Becky Salmons, founder of Anti-Bullying Project, along with fellow members;

Todd Barlow and Danielle Durham.

 I hope you enjoy the show, aiming to bring awareness to this awful phenomenon. 


February 8, 2019 Show

Destiny Maria Johnson

Today, it is my great pleasure to speak with Christian fiction author, Destiny Maria Johnson. Destiny has covered controversial issues which the church needs to address, understand, and take responsibility for. I trust you will enjoy listening to her, as much as I enjoyed talking to her. 



 January 11, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Sarah the Scambaiter

On this new year's edition of the show, I have the pleasure of speaking with Sarah the Scambaiter of Music Is A Rainbow YouTube channel.  Sarah has given me many hours of entertainment and laughter with her many Scambaiting characters- stringing the scammers along, wasting their time, and doing us all a favour by keeping them away from us, all the while she
can play them! It is also a warning to be watchful of these deceivers. Enjoy! 


December 14, 2018 Show


Special Guest: Xara Imogie

Today, it is my pleasure to speak with Xara Imogie - a survivor of spiritual abuse. There is sadly too much unrecognised and denied abuse taking place within our churches, carried out in the name of a loving Heavenly Father, by those who claim to represent Him. Xara has a powerful testimony and message, which I trust will be of blessing to many. 


November 9, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Suzanna Terrell

Today, I have the pleasure in speaking with Suzanna Terrell -author of

Suzanna's Laws of Consciousness - Scientific Proof of Life After Death.

For Book Click Here

Suzanna has an amazing and reassuring message for us all - a message the world needs to hear. I trust you will be blessed by her good news. 


October 12, 2018 Show


Special Guest: Matthew Ward


Today it is my big pleasure to speak with singer/songwriter, Matthew Ward, formerly of Christian music group, Second Chapter of Acts - Christian music pioneers.
I have been a huge fan of Matthew's work since hearing his amazing vocal talent on some of Donna Summer's work. To me, Matthew is a genius! I hope you enjoy the show.


September 14, 2018 Show


Life With A Narcissist

In today's show, I wanted to talk through narcissism, and examine narcissistic traits, as this personality disorder affects so many people who are victims on the receiving end of this awful condition, quite possibly without realizing it. You are not alone. There is help out there for recovery.




August 10, 2018 Show

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Anthony Magnabosco,

worldwide promoter and practitioner of Street Epistemology, which is a conversational method for respectfully challenging claims by asking probing questions to uncover the reliability of one's belief formation process.



Street Epistemology: A Turning Point for Atheism:



July 13, 2018 Show

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Christy Parker;

Speaker, consultant, and author, specializing in recognizing and dealing with toxic people - a subject very close to my heart, and maybe yours too. We can all learn something from Christy. Enjoy.

Christy on Facebook:

See clips of Christy on Youtube:



June 8, 2018 Show

Today, I'm speaking with Chris Pluck

Deputy Director of Samaritans in the UK.  Samaritans is an organization which is a listening ear for those in despair or feeling suicidal.



May 11, 2018 Show

Today I interview Street Pastor, Jackie Hunt

Street Pastors is an organization of churches serving together in partnership to support young people.