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with Arthur D. Schwartz


As of 1-1-2018 Arthur is not producing new shows, however below are 61 archived shows covering a wide range of topics. (Editor's favorite: "Please Don't Vote")

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is the author of Ethical Empowerment: Virtue Beyond the Paradigms, and is director of Integral Hypnosis, a hypnotherapy and philosophical counseling practice located in Greater Boston USA. He also organizes and moderates philosophy discussion groups, also located in Greater Boston.


Philosophic Perspectives is a show that explores interesting and unique perspectives that run the gamut of human experience, from the issues of everyday life to the greater controversies of the modern world. Enjoy the discussion of philosophers and creative thinkers that bring a broad range of philosophic perspectives that may help us clarify our thinking, or enlighten us with new ideas and understanding. Guests may include authors, artists—in the broad sense—working in different media, and thinkers across multidisciplinary lines, who have a particular philosophic perspective that may be interesting for the show’s listenership. Join Arthur and his guests in a creative journey exploring a diversity of philosophic perspectives about the world and the amazing universe in which we live. In doing philosophy, we are engaging in the ongoing quest for wisdom and betterment in the art of living!
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Integral Hypnosis is a hypnotherapy and philosophical counseling practice located in Greater Boston USA. Mental blocks can occur on conscious and/or subconscious levels. Arthur’s experience in the fields of hypnotism and philosophy allows him to synergistically address issues such as motivation, bad habits, weight loss, smoking, anxiety, self-esteem, phobias, and peak performance. Past life regressions. Philosophical clarity of conscious belief works hand-in-hand with the clearing of blockages in the subconscious mind. The result of this work can produce ethical and professional empowerment.

For folks living outside the Greater Boston area, many issues such as weight loss and smoking cessation can often be addressed over the telephone. Please call to see if telephone hypnosis sessions are an appropriate option for you. Philosophical counseling sessions over the phone are also available.

For corporations, non-profits and other groups, group hypnosis sessions can be arranged on-site at your location. Please call for details and pricing.

For more information, please call 617-964-4800 or visit the Integral Hypnosis website at



"Fake News" and What's "Real?"

The spectacle of the "leader of the free world" slinging "fake news" epithets with regularity is frightening to lovers of truth. Philosophers know that the distinctions between appearance and reality can at times be illusory, and it is wise to avoid making declarations of truth before sufficient thought and investigation have been applied. It is much the same, though different, to declare what is not the case because it difficult or impossible to prove a negative. There is a reason why our wannabe dictator's "fake news" accusations are so popular with real dictators--who I recently read are latching onto the the phrase. Trump's present-day Newspeak allows him to easily call respected news institutions fake because it is a broad-brush intended to delegitimize criticisms without countering claims with facts. Thus, Trump's news organ does not depend upon facts but only on an ideology or an idolatry that is used to supplant real facts.

Having said this, tonight's show will use "fake news" as the backdrop of a discussion about the relationship between ideology and reality. Politics, science, religion (and just about everything else) have their parallels to "fake news."

Social Philosophizers

Social Philosophizers is a Boston area social club for those who desire intellectual stimulation as a social enhancer. It is a group for the intellectually curious! It is a club for both singles and non singles, and for anyone who finds intellectual mingling to be the best form of social mingling. The club offers a variety of interesting venues to achieve its mission:

  • Discussions on works in literature and philosophy from classic to contemporary
  • Philosophical films shown in private function rooms or private homes
  • Guest speakers (lectures, authors, etc.)
  • Study groups
  • Book club
  • Adventure walks (long philosophical ruminations while walking nature trails or strolling city streets)
  • Plays, movies, museums and special events
  • Opportunities for members to lead discussions or promote their creative work
  • After work mixers for socializing and philosophizing

For more information, please visit the Social Philosophizers Club at

Ethics has long been burdened with a certain perplexity: Is self-interest or altruism the primary ethical imperative? Ethical Empowerment: Virtue Beyond the Paradigms presents an ethical theory designed to encourage ethical thinking from multiple perspectives that go beyond ideology and dogma. By so doing it develops an understanding of ethics and morality that transcends rigid or inapplicable rules by returning to the principle of universal love. The result is an ethical framework for unconventional ideas and research that challenges traditional beliefs that are vested in ideological, financial and political interests that--through various mechanisms, seek to maintain the status quo.

Filled with controversial ideas, this is a book that is designed to engage the reader and spark healthy debate. Among the many issues that are discussed and critiqued--in light of the ethical theory developed, are the current monetary and economic systems, the meaning of social entitlements, the dubious virtue of political parties, and the potential abuse of scientific paradigms. Also discussed are the grounds for belief or disbelief in various claims concerning the suppression of technology and invention, and conspiracy theories. From the perspective of an ethics that is in harmony with the basic essence of morality, a long-term view of a peaceful and flourishing world is not merely possible but may, with time, become inevitable.

Ethical Empowerment  is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook editions. Available on, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores. Or ask your local bookstore to order it!

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March 16, 2016 Show: Creativity Expo

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February 17, 2016 Show: Crash the Political Party!

February 3, 2016 Show: The Illusive Quest for Truth and Theology as Ideology

January 20, 2016 Show: Dietary Supplementation, Big Pharma and Other Ramblings (please don't vote!)

January 6, 2016 Show: From Inner Peace to World Harmony: The Principal of Holistic Ethics

December 16, 2015 Show: Mysticism, Physics and the Non-Physical

December 2, 2015 Show: Creativity, Philosophy and the Indie Publishing Movement

November 18, 2015 Show: From Terrorism to the Currency Market. A wide-ranging conversation with Zman from ArtistFirst

November 4, 2015 Show: Who Killed The Electric Car? Reflections on Chris Paine's Powerful Documentary

October 21, 2015 Show: The Ancient Alien Argument with Martin Roy Hill

October 7, 2015 Show: The Roots of Violence with Ronald Goldman

September 16, 2015 Show: The Passions of Philosophy with Special Guest: Jeannie Connerney

September 2, 2015 Show: The Impending Path to Free Energy

August 5, 2015 Show: The Orphan Conspiracies with author James Morcan

July 15, 2015 Show: Crimes Against The Elderly!  "Abusive Probate Guardianships" with Special Guest Dr. Sam J. Sugar

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May 20, 2015 Show: Ethical Empowerment. An In-depth Talk

May 6, 2015 Show: Jacklyn A. Lo, author of Redemption

April 15, 2015 Show: John McGinnis, author of Heavenly Women, Heavenly Laughter

April 1, 2015 Show: Future Discussions. Integrating your input! & What Is Philosophy?

March 18, 2015 Show: East Meets West on the Self with Special Guest: Fred Loeb

March 4, 2015 Show: Arthur's Inaugural Ramble

February 4, 2015:   Hear Arthur D. Schwartz author of Ethical Empowerment, Virtue Beyond the Paradigms on the Authors-First Radio Show with Tony Kay

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