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Vin Zeeland

is the founder of Vin Zeeland Productions, Ruthies Space Bus and Things Unseen. Vin has been a musician for 40 years and a recording artist for 30 years. At 18, Vin recorded and toured with International Recording Power Trio Scarlet Rayne. Vin has gone on to record with various groups over the years and serve in various roles in music and public speaking. From 2002 to 2003 Vin hosted a Satellite radio show in Madison, Wisconsin. Zman of Artist first described Vin Zeeland as a “Renaissance Man . . . a Quality Musician.” You can join Vin Zeeland and guests on Tuesday nights at Midnight Eastern / 11pm Central right here on ArtistFirst Radio.

Connect with Vin:      Twitter: Vin Zeeland@zeelandvin

Instagram: Vin Zeeland Music





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March 19, 2019 Show

Bruce Franklin

is a founding member and guitarist for the American Doom Metal band Trouble. In 1979 Bruce Franklin formed the band with his hometown friends Eric Wagner, Rick Wartell, Jeff Olson and Ian Brown. After touring the Midwest and gaining popularity, Trouble was signed to Metal Blade Records in 1983. Franklin's main guitar is a 1964 Cherry Gibson SG.  Franklin is also in the band Supershine featuring King's X frontman Doug Pinnick and longtime Trouble drummer, Jeff Olson. Franklin appeared as a guest lead guitarist on Tourniquet's 2003 album Where Moth and Rust Destroy, and again on their 2012 album Antiseptic Bloodbath.[1] He also played guitar on Generation's 1993 album Brutal Reality. In 2013, Tourniquet's Ted Kirkpatrick announced that Franklin would contribute a guitar solo to his solo album 'The Tourniquet Ark'.  Bruce Franklin's main influence growing up was guitarist Tony Iommi. Bruce Franklin implements down tuned heavy metal riffs similar to Black Sabbath's, but mixed with highly psychedelic leads of Rick Wartell. Trouble is often considered one of the earliest bands to synthesize Doom Metal, heavy metal and psychedelic rock.



March 12, 2019 Show

Dan Johnston

2015 and 2016 winner for teacher of the year with Thumbtack online services, and 2014, 2015, and 2016 nominee for the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) award, Dan Johnston is a singer-songwriter and guitar player who blends many styles. Since before he could even talk, Dan was surrounded by music. When his mother wasn't singing and playing piano, she was spinning records of the greatest Motown artists, Elvis, and all of the crooners. She also cut her own record in 1950 with her brother Hank, who had his own afternoon variety show on NBC and enjoyed famous guests such as actor Rock Hudson. At 10 years old, after seeing a bluegrass band at church, Dan bugged his mother for banjo lessons. After a year and a half, she finally she relented and procured Dan a banjo and some lessons. Practicing almost obsessively from the very beginning, Dan quickly excelled at the instrument. By the age of 12 he was performing at church, singing and playing banjo, accompanying the songs that he had written. Within a few years Dan changed his focus to the guitar, especially electric guitar, as he was immediately bewitched by its nearly endless array of possibilities in creating different soundscapes and its inherent ability to cross into any musical genre. By the age of 18, Dan Johnston was studying at The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of guitar player extraordinaire Troy Stetina. Troy taught many students who later became successful professional musicians, such as Mark Tremonti, guitarist of the multi-platinum selling band Creed. By the age of 19 Dan formed a highly successful progressive Christian metal band called Scarlet Rayne, which attracted the attention of many record labels and enjoyed national airplay as well as international distribution. The 1990 Scarlet Rayne debut was re-released in 2005 by Steel Gallery Records in Greece. The first Scarlet Rayne album still enjoys a large underground following, especially in Greece. After the band’s demise, Dan immersed himself into many styles of music which include rock, shred, blues, country, jazz, funk, American finger style, classical, and others. While still singing and performing his original compositions, Dan became sought after for studio work and guitar subbing for many different groups. In 2003 Dan Johnston released his first solo CD called DANIEL JOHNSTON - TIME AND PAIN, which was produced by Mike Hoffmann, and received critical acclaim. Since its inception in 2005, Dan Johnston has been the guitar player in the house band for the Milwaukee chapter of the National women’s music showcase CHICK SINGER NIGHT, performed with Chas'n Mason from Sept. 2014 - Jan. 2015, and currently performs with Hail To The Zoo, Nectarine, and Zach Pietrini Band. Dan continues to perform his own music and work with many other local and regional artists.


March 6, 2019 Show

Doug Van Pelt

Author of Desert High



February 26, 2019 Show    

Special Guest: Lothar Keller

• Classically trained since the age of four (4)   • Plays 8 instruments   • Began singing in choir at 9 years old   • Family all involved in the arts/music
• School at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts (Florida) 1994-1995   • Day job: Freelance television engineer (WGN/Tribune Company)

• 2005 to 2012   • 2017 to present 
• Two (2) full length albums released   • Currently working on 3 song single, eventually new album
• Upcoming show as direct support for Three Tremors on March 8 at The Forge

• 2012 to present   • Multiple U.S. and European Tours   • Two (2) albums
• Two (2) eps   • Currently getting ready for Desert Fest NY, London and Berlin

• 2009 to present   • Two (2) full length albums   • Played Prog Power USA in 2013
• Currently in the process of writing new material



February 19, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Guitarist Rob Wrong

Rob Wrong (born October 28, 1970) is an American rock guitarist known for playing in Witch Mountain and The Skull. He was described by Premier Guitar as creating "titanic guitar sludge".[1][2]

Wrong began playing music with punk rock group M-99 and the sludge metal band Iommi Stubbs before forming Witch Mountain in 1997.[3] In 2009, he shifted to playing purely lead guitar for Witch Mountain after they hired singer Uta Plotkin.[1][4][5]This led to appearances at notable festivals such as Roadburn Festival, South by Southwest and Hellfest, as well as tours with Danzig, Superjoint, Yob, Enslaved and Hawkwind.[6][7] In 2015, he was invited by Eric Wagner to perform with The Skull, whom have since toured with Saint Vitus and have performed at Roadburn, Muskel Rock, Psycho Las Vegas and Hellfest.[8][9][10][11]

With M-99EditGrown Up! b/w Big Empty Space (single, 1993)   With Iommi StubbsEditRockandrollodor (1997)   With Witch MountainEditHomegrown Doom (demo, 1999)   ...Come the Mountain (2001)   Metal Swim (Adult Swim compilation, 2010)[12]   South of Salem (LP 2011, CD 2012)   Let It Rain (Oregon Historical Society compilation, 2012)[13]
Witch Mountain EP (2012)   Cauldron of the Wild (2012)   Mobile of Angels (2014)   Burn You Down b/w Hare's Stare (single 2016)   Witch Mountain (2018)
With The SkullEditThe Skull EP (2016)   The Endless Road Turns Dark (2018)


February 13, 2019 Show

   Special Guest: Paul Finley

Guitar virtuoso Paul Finley is in truth a storyteller. Music from his hands creates places, characters and dreams. His 4 solo CD’s attest to an ongoing romance with sound. From 2002 to 2008 Paul was on the road worldwide with the Austin Texas based duo Spoken Groove. His heavy metal band Renegade from the 80's had its first recordings re-released by Heaven & Hell Records.

As an instructor he’s taught guitar clinics in the United States, England, Germany and Australia. A young Canadian boy named Justin Bieber was one of the many pupils Paul helped nurture along in their skills. Also a former faculty member and graduate of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, Paul has studied with guitar legends Michael Hedges, Ben Verdery and a host of others. Music is prayer, conversation and contemplation. His performances are deliberately in the secular and sacred environments.



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