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R. Wayne Steiger

Visionary     Technologist

Entrepreneur     Futurist

Thursdays 10pm Eastern / 7pm PT


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Host: R. Wayne Steiger

R. Wayne Steiger has 40 years as a technologist and visionary in the video, Internet, software and payment technologies, most notably concerning wireless payment systems, is consider one of the leading experts on the subject of credit card fraud and has been interviewed in excess of 70 times by the leading national news organizations and has met with select members of the Senate Banking Committee, FBI, FTC, and Secret Service.

Mr. Steiger has founded a non-profit 60seconds4humanity where he is now involved with other leading Futurist, Visionaries and Technologist bringing to the forefront of our Species the need to begin to harness the power of Collective Consciousness to begin to seek alternative ways of stopping violence, hatred and killing of our Species by harnessing the power of our Collective Consciousness.

Mr. Steiger is available for speaking engagements


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February 15, 2018 Show

Dr. Claudia Albers PhD Theoretical Physicist

discusses why our Sun is dimming and what this means for the Earth and Humanity and what impact it may have on the current Magnetic Pole Reversal.


February 8, 2018 Show

Which Religion is the Right One?

Tonight on the Steiger Perspective we are going to dissect which Religion is the right one if there is such a thing? Is God a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or a religion at all? When was the last time God appeared on Earth? These and many other questions we shall endeavor to address.


February 1, 2018 Show

What is the Real in Reality?

How do you define Real, can there be different levels of Real and if so how does that effect Reality?

Reality and History who rules over who?

On The Steiger Perspective we discuss how both shape our perceptions and how both can be wrong.



January 25, 2018 Show

Psychic Vampires - How to Protect Yourself

Special Guests: 

Heidi Vandenberg, Vedic Astrologist and Jenny Moonstone, Psychic Intuitive

Tonight show we all feel it, we all have experienced times where it seems certain people can inflict tremendous negative energy upon others around them, so how do you protect yourself, tonight's all star panelist bring their own unique perspectives how we all can benefit from their knowledge.


January 18, 2018 Show