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"Kevin Estrella, much like Vai, and Satriani, can make his guitar truly communicate and display emotion. That’s what we know as ‘true-love;’ like the fairy-tale kind.  There’s a real passion that Kevin plays with that only comes along every so often…a real magic" - SleepingBagStudios

"Pyramids on Mars new release Echo Cosmic, easily the finest instrumental album since Joe Satriani’s Surfing with the Alien." - Steve Earles,

"Kevin Estrella is probably the most criminally unknown guitar player on the planet." - Dutch Metal Music

Host Kevin Estrella has been welcomed deep into the UFO community after having his own first-hand encounter with something not of this world. He has now begun speaking publicly and has been a featured guest on over 15 UFO radio talk shows. He comes to ArtistFirst to introduce guests who have been on-board alien craft, and have had direct contact with Extraterrestrial beings. Kevin will introduce us to many Alien/Human Hybrids who are currently on this planet. Find out how and why they are here to help humanity during this historic period of awakening.

Pyramids on Mars is the embodiment of who I am. I have always had a passion for UFO’s, Extra-terrestrials. I have spent over 20 years researching to understand why they are here. I wanted to combine my passion of music with raising consciousness and awareness of the UFO and Extraterrestrial presence. I feel it is my calling.

This calling was affirmed on August 21, 2014, when I had contact with an inter-dimensional craft of unearthly origin.

Through investigation by M.U.F.O.N., verification through local sources, and consultation with UFOlogist Grant Cameron, my sighting was authenticated. It was verified I was the only one who had contact with the craft; the beings were in direct contact with me.

Since then I have been experiencing many other related incidents, like increased Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), music and symbol downloads through dreams, strange synchronicities, and recollection of missing time/possible alien abduction that occurred in the year 1999.

I have made many friends in the UFO community who have first-hand encounters with Extraterrestrials or are Hybrids themselves. I now bring their stories to ArtistFirst Radio listeners.

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Music by Host Kevin Estrella

Pyramids on Mars is music that really sounds like it's from Mars!!

Every once in a while there comes along a band that is so different or unique, you would think they were dropped on Earth from another planet. Pyramids on Mars is one of those bands.

What first catches you, is that they are an instrumental band. A combination of elements such as hard rock, industrial, metal and psychedelic rock. And then... the lead guitar comes soaring in. Well crafted, beautiful, melodic phrases so catchy and memorable they will be stuck in your head the rest of the day. The guitar has become the "vocals" of the music.

It is the solo project of guitarist Kevin Estrella. He wanted to do something musically different that would stand out from the crowd.

"Pyramids on Mars is the embodiment of who I am, really. My musical influences, my philosophies on life, the universe and our place in it." Kevin went on to say, "I have always been attracted to space, and a lot of my sound is influenced from my childhood growing up in the '70's. Some of my favorite TV shows back then were Star Trek and Space: 1999. Plus I am a huge Rush and Pink Floyd fan! Thus I use a lot of analog synthesizers like the Minimoog and Oberheim Polyphonic. Predominant of the '70's era and used exclusively by those bands. They are just so warm and mysterious sounding, they resonate with me."

Kevin's musical style is very similar to world renowned rock guitarist Joe Satriani. So much Kevin has nicknamed himself the "Satriani of the North."

"Of course Satriani is a huge influence on me," he says. "But he (Satriani) does more of a bluesy thing. I am more influenced by classical music. I absolutely love Baroque. Baroque classical composers J. S. Bach and Antonio Vivaldi are my biggest musical influences and a complete paradigm shift for me, the way I think about melody and harmony that is. I spent 3 years in fact, studying classical guitar. Mix my classical influences with all the bands I grew up listening to like Rush, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ministry, Pink Floyd for example and bands like Meshuggah, I am a blend of it all. And much more.."

Kevin recorded, produced, engineered and mastered his first debut CD, self titled "Pyramids on Mars" released in 2013. He performed all the instruments on the album and did all the drum programming. He has been capturing music industry attention getting international radio airplay in the U.S., Canada, South America and Europe. He is a regular guest on Brian 'the hammer' Jackson radio (Los Angeles) to over 4 million listeners and a weekly speaker on Real Rock Radio (Chicago).

Pyramids on Mars really is music from the Mystical Red Planet.

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April 4, 2017 Show

Judy Carroll

Through the Eyes of a Grey

Judy is a conscious 'dual soul' (Zeta Grey/Earth human). Her mission, to be a bridge between the two cultures. At age 30 Judy had a fully conscious daytime encounter when several Greys appeared to her who she recognized as “family.” She was given a massive information download and advice for further studies.

The Visitors advised her to meditate, study Tai Chi and Reiki which has assisted Judy to a deeper understanding of life-force energy.

In 1995, a long needle with a large crystal end was inserted into her brow chakra point. Another major information download was given. The Greys suggested a book to be written explaining all aspects of ET/Earth human contact from the ET perspective. Two books ended up as the result – “The Zeta Message- Connecting All beings in Oneness”, and “Human by Day, Zeta by Night – A Dramatic Account of Greys Incarnating As Humans.”

“Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History” Judy’s newest release provides a history of Humans, from the perspective of the Greys, an account of ET-assisted human evolution in Earth’s past, the purposeful manipulation of scripture in the bible, the hijacking of the planet, and how this subtle manipulation of human minds continues to present day.

Kevin and Judy discuss all this and more, including information shared with Kevin coming from the Vatican Secret Archives.

Contact Judy, and her books are available at:



March 7, 2017 Show

Robert Fullington

ET/Human Hybrid / Artist and Creator of the Pyramids on Mars UFO Radio ‘ET-Shirts’

Robert takes a narrative approach taking us on a journey of his encounters with Tall White Zetas, Goloids, and Mantis beings (called Kekoresh). At age 28 through a dramatic awakening process, he came to understand he is an ET-Human Hybrid. This process accelerated through ongoing interactions with Mantis beings. Through his interaction with Mantis, Robert experienced extreme physical change; as well as spiritual, philosophical and creative development.

He began receiving downloads of designs for 2D and 3D images through what he terms ’consciousness-amplifying technologies’, allowing him to work with advanced visualization. His experiences are shared in the book ‘Meet the Hybrids’ by Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb. In 2016 he joined Barbara and five of the hybrids from the book on stage at the International UFO Congress to share their experiences and perspectives.

You can purchase the book ‘Meet the Hybrids’ here:


February 7, 2017 Show

Nancy Schingeck Tremaine

Experiencer, Messenger, Hybrid Project Participant

Reptilians, Angelic Beings, and Alien Technology are the topics of exploration with Nancy Schingeck Tremaine.

Nancy remained silent for 50 years before coming forward with her UFO experience in 1961. A craft of unearthly origin with swirling, flashing green, white and red lights appeared in her small rural neighborhood and was witnessed by many, including law officers. The craft, (which Nancy says is alive with its own consciousness) spoke to her and took her on board. Two hours later she was returned.

She shares her experiences on board the craft meeting with winged Angelic Beings, and her interaction with a Reptilian, whom she refers to as “Mister”, and her life-long interaction with him. She reveals direct messages from “Mister” of wisdom and guiding light for humanity.

We converse about her hybrid son Drax, and examine the “Standing Wave” technology used to beam her aboard the ship. Nancy continues to receive messages and communicate with the beings. Her book discussing her experiences is in the final stages of publishing.

To contact Nancy: 



Tuesday January 10, 2017 on the Dwight Lilly Show

Guests: Michael Lee Hill (son of Eric Clapton) and Kevin Estrella

432hz vs 440hz

The Secret Behind the 432Hz Frequency.

A conversation sure to blow your mind as well as your ears. 

Click Link:



January 3, 2017 Show

Elizabeth April

Tall Zeta Gray / Human Hybrid

Light Worker

Elizabeth knew from childhood, she was different. Through a lifetime of self discovery, past life regressions, and an alien abduction, her earth contracts are reaffirmed that she is a Tall Zeta Gray here in this lifetime to provide guidance and awakening on this planet at this crucial time. Resonating at higher frequency, it allows her to go into 5th dimension, and translate information Enlightening Humanity for the sake of the Greater Good.

A certified life coach practitioner, Elizabeth takes the term “life coach” to the next level; Elizabeth works with individuals wanting to comprehend their past, present and future. Combining a mix of earthly exploration, along with a twist of universal truth, a more evolved, profound, passionate and meaningful life is accessed.

Watch her YouTube channel, or get an individual reading, the insights channeled through her will leave you feeling in tune with the limitless possibilities which exist within your reality.




December 6, 2016 Show

Sherry Wilde - Alien Abductee

"Sherry has a very important story" - Grant Cameron, UFO researcher

Sherry's book, The Forgotten Promise tells the story of her lifelong interaction with beings of another dimension….or world. The Grays. The memories of these encounters were buried deep within her subconscious mind until 1988.

"I've had the privilege of living an extraordinary life and learning from beings that exist in a realm quite different from the limited one we do. I am extremely grateful for these experiences. The lessons they taught me, the things they showed me, the profound teachings & the high level of peace that is prevalent when in their company." - Sherry Wilde

Sherry shares with us her lifelong journey, and the 3 important lessons the Grays want us to learn.

You can purchase her book here:


November 2, 2016 Show

Cynthia Crawford

Tall White Zeta/Annunaki/Human Hybrid

Cynthia Crawford’s German father, prior to her birth, worked with the OSS in the secret government ‘Project Paperclip’ involving a recovered extraterrestrial medical craft. She was in her mid 30s when she learned from her father she was a hybrid created by a government program utilizing DNA from two different alien races added to human DNA.

She was chastised for having and using psychic powers. Her life changed when she was met by other worldly beings, only to learn that they are her star family. This awakened her to the truth of her mission that brought her to this planet; to help all Starseeds into their awakening.

In 2003, Cynthia began making ET sculptures with the assistance of the various star beings that put their frequency into the sculptures. Clients she makes sculptures for report having conscious telepathic communication from the star beings through the sculptures. To date, she has received thousands of emails from people all over the world who share their experiences and/or communication, as well as healings, with benevolent beings after receiving their sculptures.

Cynthia devotes her life to counseling, teaching how we are all connected to the star people and how to live in an integrated Galactic society in the very near future.

You can contact her at



10-5-2016 Show

Special Guest: Jujuolui Kuita - Reptilian Hybrid

Jujuolui Kuita (Pronounced Zsho-Zsho-Lee, also known as Juju) is a Reptilian Hybrid. Listen to her tell her story of how she came to recall her personal Mission, and the affirmation when her partner witnessed her shape-shift while she was sleeping into her true form. Which obviously then led to a long bedside conversation.

Juju shares with us memories of her home planet Fagui, located in the Andromeda Galaxy. She sheds light into the culture of Reptilians, and some of the misconceptions people have. As she explains:

“I am one of such Extraterrestrial beings who volunteered to come and chose to incarnate on Earth. My Mission, which is to unite with and help awaken other ‘Starseeds’ – and assist in lifting the vibrational energies for Earth’s ascension. Not all Star Beings are here in ‘service to others.’ There are some who’s intentions are more ‘service to self.’ Please do not fear them nor separate yourself from them in judgment. Do not condone their behavior, for we are all one and we each deserve unconditional love.” - Juju

Juju has been in various media including; written articles, radio shows, filmed for documentaries, movies, and aired on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Show in Nov. 2012. Recently, Juju’s experiences have been published in both “Meet the Hybrids” by Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb, and “The Messengers” by Mike Clelland.

Juju self-published a book titled, ‘We Are Among You Already’ about ETs incarnating on Earth as Starseeds.

9-6-2016 Show

Special Guest: Abductee Steve Boucher

Steve Boucher is a musician, singer and fine artist from St. Catharines Ontario, Canada.

Steve takes us on a journey of a visitation that occurred in 1971 when their band travelling in a van late at night on the North Service Rd outside St. Catharines comes face to face with a UFO sitting in the middle of the road. Hear about his visitation with short greyish beings approximately 4 feet tall with large eyes and large heads. Steve was given the opportunity to ask any question. Steve asks the big question that is on many people’s minds. Hear what their answer is!

Steve’s experiences with non-terrestrial beings began since he was a baby. The bulk of his experiences were buried in his subconscious for years until he began to have brief flashes of conscious memory after reading Budd Hopkins’ book ‘Missing Time’.

Steve wrote to Budd Hopkins. Budd invited him to New York to his art studio in Manhattan. Steve underwent 3 hypnosis sessions which revealed that he had experienced repeated visitations. Steve returned to Canada and met up with CUFORN (The Canadian UFO Research Network) who took over the case. Results of the investigation are published in the CUFORN and MUFON Journal and Flying Saucer Review.

8-9-2016 Show

Special Guest: Abductee Chris Bledsoe   Part 2

Chris continues his story after his run-in with the red-goggle wearing, glass-like body being. We dive deeper into what is happening today with visiting Orbs, summoning UFO’s to appear, and Chris’ opportunity to actually fly the UFO craft! We discuss the support he has received by high ranking officials like Colonel John B Alexander. And lastly, the encounter Chris had with someone of great religious significance.

7-28-2016 Show

Special Guest: Abductee Chris Bledsoe   Part 1

Chris Bledsoe is Kevin Estrella’s premier guest on Pyramids on Mars Radio.  Known as one of the most important UFO experiencers in the world, Chris has had continuous contact with off-world visitors since 2007.  Referring to them as ‘the guardians’, they bring him messages to prepare humanity.  Join us for Part I as Chris tells his incredible story of his first contact in 2007.  A tale which has attracted Warner Bros. who have approached him about a movie to take his story to the Hollywood big screen.

August 2016


Kevin Estrella and Zman hang out for a show and talk about Kevin's first-hand experiences with extraterrestrials and the connection to his music.



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