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was founded in 1967 by a small group of successful retired NFL players, the National Football League Alumni is the oldest, most well-known and well-respected retired player organization in professional sports. Membership includes thousands of retired players, coaches, front office executives, spouses, cheerleaders, and avid fans. A primary mission of NFL Alumni is “Caring for Our Own” as we inform, assist, and serve players in their post-NFL lives. Alumni are offered a diverse package of medical, business, and legal services to help keep them and their families healthy, productive, and connected to the league and their former teammates. NFL Alumni also has a traditional mission of “Caring for Kids” across the country. Player alumni give back in their local communities by raising funds for youth-related charities through their 35 regional chapters. It is a tradition that has existed for more than 50 years and continues to raise millions of dollars in support of these local causes.

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Radio Show Host and Former NFL Player

Beasley Reece

Beasley Reece was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys as a defensive back in 1976. He then played for the New York Giants from 1977 to 1983 and for Tampa Bay until 1985.

After his retirement from the NFL, Reece worked as a color commentator for NFL coverage on NBC and CBS, and served as an analyst for the 1992 Summer Olympics for NBC.


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Show #2

James "JT" Thompson

Former NFL Player, Washington Redskins 1975-'76, New York Giants 1978-'79

James was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where James attended and graduated Melrose High School in 1971. He then attended Memphis State University 1971-'75 where he received MVP Football Honors his senior season '74-'75.

After senior season '75, James joined the Charlotte Hornets of the World Football League (WFL).

Upon the end of 1975 WFL season, James joined the Washington Redskins in January 1976, but injuries played a large part in a limited career in Washington. He then joined the New York Giants (NYG) in 1978 until 1979. James' greatest memory was in 1978 being part of New York Giants defeating the Washington Redskins.

James now resides in Jacksonville, Florida, with wife of 39 years, Santa DeCosta Thompson. James retired July 12, 2013, after 34 years of tireless efforts with FedEx Corporation. They have two daughters, Lindsay Faith (35 yrs) and Erin Joy (29 yrs), and grandson Amari James (14 yrs). They are truly enjoying "being retired" and being faithful, serving members with their First Timothy Baptist Church Family!

Brian Kelley

Former NFL Player, New York Giants 1973-1983

Brian began his professional football career at age 8 as a Pop Warner player in Lancaster, TX. He attended California Lutheran College and in 1971 was named team MVP while leading it to the NAIA National Championship. During this time he also began his rugby career and led the Santa Monica Rugby Club to a national championship in 1979. In 1973 Brian was selected Kodak College All-American and was drafted into the NFL, picked by the New York Giants. As a rookie, he played outside linebacker and remained the starter for his 11 years with the team. In 1976 he was named defensive captain and led the team in tackles through 1980. In 1977 he was voted team MVP and by 1981 had helped the Giants to their first play-off appearance in 18 years. That year he made 186 tackles and three interceptions. He was awarded the 1982 B’nai B’rith award for football player of the year, and in 1983 was presented with the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award. Brian was also inducted into the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame.

After retiring from the Giants in 1984 Brian worked as a financial advisor in the financial industry for Prudential and Wachovia Securities. He recently left Wall Street and ventured into the hedge fund industry, working with Verity Advisors in sales and marketing. Brian also owns his own business iBidMotos, an online auction site for car dealers and consumers to sell and buy cars.


Show #1

Lee Woodall

Former NFL Player, NFL Alumni Philadelphia Chapter President, Minister

Lee is a Former NFL Super Bowl 2 time Pro Bowler, a minister, a father and a husband. He is an Alumni of West Chester University with football accolades of three time MVP, two time offense player of year, three time defensive player of the year and West Chester Hall Of Fame. Lee sits on the Board of Directors for Smart Kidz Club. This is a board that gives a powerful tool of learning through reading to each and every kid. He is also a certified Social Black Belt instructor, which teaches youth and adults how to use their minds more effectively. He is an entrepreneur in creating apps and creating development camps for high school athletes. Lee is certified in Zybeck Combine Testing, which is the official equipment that is used during the NFL Combine for 7 years. He is a Certified Life coach and sports coach. Lee is presently the President of the NFL Alumni Philadelphia Chapter.

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Dan Esposito

Former NFL Player, NFL Alumni Philadelphia Chapter Membership Director, Founder of New America Power. 

Dan played one year of high school football. He then walked on to the football and track teams at Millersville University and became a scholarship athlete in both sports. Dan had the attention of NFL scouts after he was named offensive player of the nation (D2) in the first game he started as a senior (3rd game of his senior year). He gained most interest from the Dolphins and Redskins as a free agent. Due to a mistake from his agent, the Dolphins lost interest and he was left with one option. Dan's high school teammate Ritchie Owens (Ritchie Redskin) was a 5th round draft pick of the Washington Redskins that year. Dan's carry with the Redskins in scrimmage was a 70 yard TD run. Unfortunately, Dan broke his jaw in his first pre-season play. He was given an injury settlement. He was signed by the New Orleans Saints the next year, where he broke his jaw again in practice over the summer. he came back for the first day of camp and was quickly cut. He thought this was the end. However, the Saints called him on the first day of the regular season and signed him to the practice squad. He was limited due to a torn shoulder that he didn’t disclose for fear of being cut again. He was released again after about five weeks of the regular season. Dan says "not the world's greatest NFL bio but a great look into the world of a bubble player."  Dan is the founder of New America Power, an energy management company.

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