MK Davis Presents the

Kennedy Files Part 2  4-12-11

(Part 1 further down this page)


1. Muchmoore animation.gif

Watch the door of the car in the motorcade behind the President. The door opens in anticipation.



2. Stand down before and after intersection.gif




3. Oswald Bullet Trajectory.jpg




4. James-Tague-Near-Underpass[1].jpg


5. JFK walkway above railroad overpass.jpg



6. JFK MK at bottom of overpass.jpg

7. Zapruder blob man medium clear edge.gif

8. Zapruder bone flip animation small.gif



9. Manhole bullet.jpg



10. Manhole streak in grass.jpg


11. Oswald shot.jpg



12. Manhole bullet 2.jpg



13. JFK windshield.gif


14. Zapruder intersection entrance Click Here


15. Zapruder enlarged and freeze framed Click Here



Part 1 Materials (4-5-11 show)


1. Parabolic Facade jpg
2. Parabolic Facade Rear View jpg
3. JFK Wiegman parabolic facade smaller.gif
4. JFK Weigman film helmet arrowed.jpg
5. Zapruder stabilized trunk hop delay with intro slow mo.gif
6. Nix film the flash.gif

Parabolic facade


Parabolic facade rear view


JFK Wiegman parabolic facade smaller


JFK Weigman film helmet arrowed.jpg



Click for Zapruder Slow Motion Gif.

Click for Zapruder background complete

Click for Nix film flash gif


Shadow man animation