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The Art Of The Artist

with Justice Clarke

First and Second Mondays @ 8pm EST  -  See Past Shows Below

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Author C. William Clarke (Justice Clarke)

has been working with his imagination since he was a young boy and began writing and illustrating his own original comic book stories at the age of thirteen up until he graduated from high school.

He took a break from this while he majored in Psychology at New York University where he earned his degree . It was there that he learned due to his essays and talks with his professors that he had a knack for writing. He then spent several years working in the mental health field as a drug and alcohol counselor and a clinical therapist. Due to a near fatal car accident, personal hardships, and emotional struggles, he begin to write what he was feeling as a coping mechanism. He wrote his first public poem on Facebook under the trademark moniker "Thoughts of a Single Man" in December 2010 and has never stopped.

In 2011 he won the Blood Sweat and Tears poetry slam and began to concentrate on writing his first poetry book. From that time until late 2012 he has written and published six short books, "Thoughts of a Single Man-100 poems in 100 days" , "Thoughts of a Single Man Vol. 2 Poetry for the Grown and Sexy, The Erotica Files", "Love Letters", "Confessions of the Pen", " Ink Without Fear" and a men's mental health guide called" After She Leaves -A healing guide for the suddenly single male." all of which are available  .

In 2013 he was featured in a poetry collaboration, a individual poem, and a short erotic story in the book "Hot Summer Nights" available through He also won the infamous blog radio Poetry After Dark's "Battle of the Metaphors" in December of that same year.

In 2014 he was featured in the P.O.E.T anthology, and was one of the four featured poets profiled in Inner Child's year end review poetry compilation " The Year of the Poet." as well as becoming an internet show radio host on the P.O.E.T. talk show network. He was also featured in Inner Child's latest compilation "Black Males".

Recently he was a former senior executive producer as well as a radio talk show host on the APRI network working alongside blogtalk radio personality Kiler Davenport. He is now working with the acclaimed One Positive Way Radio network as a poetry and talk show host.

Last year he released his first poetry /musical CD this year which can be found on  entitled " Sounds of a Spoken Soul- a journey in love".

He also released an epic compilation of his poetry entitled "Emotions in Ink ", which is comprised of five chapters of five different styles of his original poetry which spans over five hundred pages. He has also completed a graphic novel which he also illustrated called "Redemption Alley" in the summer of 2106. And finally in this past October he released a horror book entitled “Tales from the Dark Side of my Mind- A collection of short horror stories and poems.” All of these writes are currently available on Amazon and Kindle. In December 2016 he released a Hip Hop Cd with producer Konducta entitled” the Art of Words” He then released a second Hip Hop Cd entitled “A Little Something for the Ladies”. In February of this year he released Hip Hop Cd that he wrote, composed, produced, mixed and mastered entitled “ MC 2”. All of these Cd’s are currently available on  Most recently in the beginning of March of this year he released his second poetry CD which is a romantic, erotic offering entitled “Words in the MIDNIGHT Hour – A Gift of Seduction and Poetry “ which is now available on both Amazon and  He works as reoccurring host and the main marketing voice of internet radio group One Positive Way Radio. He is also currently hoisting the show “ The Art of the Artist” every first and second Monday of the month at on The Artist First Radio Network.

Find him on Facebook at  and become lost in the endless rivers that flow from C. William Clarke also known as the "Thoughts of a Single Man".

All Hip Hop music is released under the name "The L.E.J." Poetry artist title: "Thoughts of a Single Man". Author name: "C. William Clarke".


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March 13, 2017 Show

Marlon McCaulsky

Marlon McCaulsky is an American author and screenplay writer of Fiction, Romance, and Science Fiction. He is known for his novels about contemporary African-American life.  Marlon McCaulsky was born in Brooklyn, NY and was raised in St. Petersburg FL. Marlon is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa.

His first major publication was in (2008) The Pink Palace and has gone on to publish over thirteen novels and anthologies. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Awards and nominations:

2010 African American Literary Award nominee best anthology "Romance For The Streets"

2014 PEN'Ashe Magazine nominee best novel "Malicious"

2015 GANSPA Award Winner Best Erotica Short Story "Bad Girl


March 6, 2017 Show

Franklin Burns,

Country Singer / Songwriter / Performer

Born three months premature on a farm in the small town of Garfield, Georgia to two amazing parents, Frank and Silvernette Burns, Franklin was not expected to survive. But miracles do happen and he did against all odds.

Growing up, music was and still is his therapy. He always loved country music and was teased for it. The most popular tease was that he liked country music because he wanted to be white. Confused by people’s reaction to his favorite type of music, he wondered why people would think that because of his race he couldn’t be drawn to that genre.

In fourth grade he tried to sing other songs, music he wasn’t naturally drawn to, in order to stop the constant teasing. He failed, and because of that ended up being teased anyway because it didn’t sound good, which resulted in him being told that singing wasn’t for him. That’s what happens when you let others influence what you think is right for you. He ultimately returned to his passion, though, and his love for country music never died.

A few years later, one day after school, Franklin’s oldest sister Cassandra told him to stick around because she wanted him to audition for a talent show. Although, he was shy and extremely scared, he did it anyway because he could never say no to his sister. His family knew he loved music, but had never really heard him sing. So for Cassandra to ask him to audition meant she saw something in him he didn’t see in himself at that time yet.

The talent show took place on his parent’s anniversary. Hearing him sing for the first time was his gift to them. The praise Franklin received from his family and friends boosted his confidence, and although he was still teased for liking country music, he did not let that stop him. He went on with his life and kept his dream of being a country singer to himself thinking he would never be accepted in that genre as an African American.

Fast-forward to today, Franklin is now fortunate to be part of the amazing team Clash Of The Industries and PopImpressKA where he is living his dream.

Always grateful for any opportunity coming his way, he thanks God for his gift, and his family, friends, and fans for the love and support, which keeps him going.



February 13, 2017 Show

Valentine's Day Eve Show

Justice talks with Zman about the many meanings of LOVE.

New tracks featured:  Tomorrow Wars

Negotiations of Remorse


February 6, 2017 Show

Justice honors Black History Month.

2 New Tracks Debuting: 

Salutations To Selma and Brothers & Sisters


January 23, 2017 Show

Tonight Justice Clarke the host of " The Art of the Artist" will be playing a few selected tracks from his newly released Hip Hop Cd entitled "MC 2" which was written, composed,, performed, ,and produced by him. The CD can be fouind on Amazon and Createspace under the title or by searching for Justice Clarke under huis stage name " The L.E.J.". Enjoy and spread the word and Justice Clarke and all of us here at The Artist First Network thank you so much in advance for your love and continued support.


Links to other hip hop Cd's by The L.E.J. a.k.a. Justice Clarke

January 2, 2017 Show

Justice looks back at 2016 with the selections:

In The Wastelands Behind The Smiles

Testaments of the Tenders

The City She Speaks To Me

Snakes in the Garden


December 26, 2016 Show

Special Guest: Author/Photographer Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB. During his time as an active poet, Andrew Scott has taken the time to speak in front of a classrooms, judge poetry competitions as well as published worldwide in such publications as The Art of Being Human, Battered Shadows and The Broken Ones. His books, Snake With A Flower, The Phoenix Has Risen, The Path and The Storm Is Coming are available now

To contact Andrew,


December 12, 2016 Show

Special Guest: Lucy Martins


I started creative writing very early in life, it was something I really loved doing. I started writing poetry when I was a teenager, but it was only later in life did I start my own blog on MySpace and commenced to write anew. It was a renewed passion, my love of writing. It is my personal outlet, to unleash all that resides within my soul, be it fictional or non-fictional, with a mixture of darkness and light. Many things inspire me, but nature is my favorite muse. At this moment in time, I am on a path, of both personal and spiritual growth. I write from places unknown, bleeding words unto page in abandonment, be it in sorrow, angst, or love. "A dream within a dream or be it mere reality gone astray, penned in new found solace."



12-05-2016 Show

JD Glasscock

started as a slam poet on national teams in 1990. 6 years later he moved onto being the singer/songwriter/front man of a blues rock band called Sofa King which lasted ten years. Though he still writes both lyrics and poetry in 2005 he moved onto studying film writing and directing with a special emphasis on lighting, specifically, Noir Lighting. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to finally pursue those aspirations. He currently has 11 short films to his name and has won awards as a filmmaker at large festivals. He has in addition shot 2 music videos for local music artists. He has 14 self published books which can be found here  Those books include poetics, lyrics, video game designs, excerpts from his film scripts, graphic novels, kid's books etc...He is currently working on his first feature film Blade and Blood, based on his award winning short film as well as two TV series of his creation, Celestial Moon and The Mysfits. He has 4 other feature film scripts written, 4 more half finished and 37 outlined in the wings.


11-28-2016 Show

Special Guest: Kamal Imani

Motivator and Visionary

Kamal Imani is a community leader and brother with an abundance of testimonies as he has evolved from a life of being a child of a single mother in Harlem NY, The Bronx New York and later Teaneck New Jersey. Kamal was given the freedom by his mother to take risks and find his own way in life. As a pioneer in the early New Jersey Hip Hop culture and movement, Kamal has the natural ability to relate with and connect to today's youth as well as their parents. Kamal has worked in the fields of retail management, finance, real estate, publishing, education and entertainment. He is internationally known for his spoken word poetry. He is also known in the entertainment business as a top marketer.

Kamal has risen through the temptations of the streets and peer pressure as seen in his first written and directed coming of age film "Up in the Attic" which can be seen on YouTube. He has many inspirational poems such as "You Are Genius", "Blast Off" and more! He loves to inspire and counsel young adults as he knows the pressures and stress that they go through.

His personal experience is one of challenging fears, keeping faith, seeking God through comparative religious studies and experiences, surviving the streets and becoming a family man, educator, youth mentor, "At risk" youth and gang mentor, entrepreneur, spoken word performance poet, actor, film director, motivational speaker and more! He uses his experiences and insperiences to counsel, encourage and inspire youth, contemporaries and elders.

You can contact Kamal to speak at your school or organization at 201-257-7789 (Text or Call) or on Facebook at 



November 7, 2016 Show

Special Guest:

Jerry Royce

Host of Jerry Royce Live

TV & Radio Producer


October 31, 2016 Show

Justice C. Clarke


Justice offers several haunting readings

plus Halloween Music Cuts:

The Clown - Blink - The Path of a Psycho



October 24, 2016 Show

Penelope Aaron

has lived in many states across the U.S. She settled down in the Washington, DC area with her five amazing children, two charming son-in-laws, one awesome husband, and two incredibly good looking Boston Terriers.  She works in the financial industry by day, writes novels by night, bumbles her way through a basketball game almost every weekend, and somewhere in between writes a short story or two for a teacher's resource website for children called

My second novel, INSPIRITED, will be released on 9/23/16.  Here is the synopsis:

Stalkers and visions and boys. Oh my.

  Life as a teenage triplet has suddenly been turned upside down for Cheyenne Hawkins. After surviving a fatal car accident and burying a friend, she is faced with learning to manage her newfound gift- the shocking and sometimes terrifying ability to see the memories of others.  Cheyenne wants nothing more than to just be a normal sophomore and continue pitching on her high school team. But with someone sending her threatening messages and watching her, normal is nowhere in sight. Who is stalking her and why? Will she learn how to use her gift in time to prevent the stalker from carrying out the deadly threats? Join Cheyenne and her quirky friends and family as she learns that normal just might be overrated.  



October 10, 2016 Show

Justice Clarke discusses heartache loss and the arts.

Featured Poem: "Beyond the gates of Heartache"

Featured Music: "When I See You Again"

"You Took Your Love Away"


October 3, 2016 Show

Special Guest: URG7

Born Gerald Jerome Parrish in 1968 to a Single Mother Christine Lane, Gerald Parrish attended Acting School at the young age of 7 years old & Began piano Lessons shortly after playing the flute in Elementary School as well as singing in his Church & School Choir having a Genuine Love for Music & Entertainment went on to be involved in music & Drama & Sports in Jr. High & High school in Compton California. growing up in Compton there weren't a lot of Opportunities so Gerald Turned to using Music & Acting as a way to Express Himself & Escape from the Entrapments Of life in the Hood. Obtaining his First Record Deal With Hollywood's Eclipse Records in 1986,Signing later to Art Laboe's Audio Records in 1993,Dropping Singles In 1990 as well. This Artist Has been releasing Music Every since. His first Big Acting Break came from producer Steven Bochco cast in the Role of Gang Leader Calvin in the Fox 11 series Cop-Rock "Potts Don't fail me now" November 21,1990 season #1 Episode #8 America's Got Talent- Voice Over Chevrolet -Voice Over Quantum Leap- Voice Over Love Jones- Music Placement The District-Music Placement Gray -Music Placement A Psychopath's Memoir- ADR Gray- Cast in the Role Of Mitchell Dancy Country in the City How to Cook Soul Food dvd-Music Placement /Actor Boot Camp- Actor/Music Placement Soup the Chemist Video Beautiful Music Cameo Appearance in the Video. 2016- Infiltration II 2016- King Of Kings 2016- ELIMINATION 2016- Sovereign State 2016- Visage 2016- Embryo movie 2016- Absurd TV 209 Pokemon Go, just say no. (31) Albums Streaming Everywhere Digital Music Is Sold.  Twitter@Urg7 Instagram@Urg7 Facebook:Urg7 Facebook:Gerald Parrish YouTube:Urg7 LinkedIn: Gerald Parrish/Urg7



September 26, 2016 Show

Special Guest: Singer/Songwriter Ed Roman


September 5, 2016 Show

Poems presented:

"In The Cradle Of The Minotaur" - Justice Clarke

"Legacy Of Pain" - Justice Clarke


August 29. 2016 Show

Special Guest: Ron Shaw   Author, Poet and Radio Host

Poems presented:

"The Sitter" - Ron Shaw

"Tomorrow's Mars" - Justice Clarke

"In The Wastelands Behind The Smiles" - Justice Clarke


August 22, 2016 Show

Special Guest: Ron Shaw.   Author, Poet and Radio Host


July 21, 2016

Inaugural Broadcast


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