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with Mike & Kim Nunneley

2nd Wednesdays 7pm Eastern Time

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Mike and Kim Nunneley, authors of The Family Wild Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Arts activity books live on 50 wooded acres and their cottage on Long Lake near Alpena, Michigan.  The couple are parents to Robbie, Ashley, Joshua, Ian, Courtney and grandparents to Gabe, Izzy, Nathan and Will.  Both Alpena High School alumni, Mike graduated from Central Michigan University and Kim holds a master’s degree in comparative religion and a graduate certificate in Holistic Healthcare from Western Michigan University. She also attended the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, focusing on adult spiritual formation for a year.

Mike has coached Varsity Girls Golf, High School level boys’ and girls’ hockey, as well as championship girls softball.  In addition, he taught photography for nine years at Alpena Community College. Kim has served as a director of lifespan religious education with two Unitarian Universalist churches and has been heavily involved in adult education in venues as diverse as university settings, small United Church of Christ congregations, TED talks and public adult education programs.

Mike owned two professional photography studios and photo centers prior to the digital revolution and currently is a commercial lender for a Michigan-based credit union. Mike has authored two books on finance in addition to the Family Wild collection. Kim is also a certified Yoga Therapist, qigong instructor and spiritual director. She is the author of twenty books, ranging from science fiction to poetry to comparative religion and has added the Family Wild outdoor art titles to her growing list of work. She is the host of the Deep Communion radio program here at ArtistFirst.

Arguably one of the worst hunters and fisherman of all time, Mike learned the love of the outdoors at “Camp” and the “Cottage” at Long Lake.  As a hand-weaver, artist, musician and nature enthusiast, Kim loves the chaos and inspiration of raising chickens, rabbits, as well as a typically out-of-control garden.


M.W. Nunneley,

author of 10 Financial Tips for You and Your Family, offers straightforward albeit lighthearted insights regarding everyday banking, financing and life.

Nunneley encourages you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What happens if I DIE TODAY?” and “What happens if I’m unable to handle my finances TODAY?”

M.W. explains how a bank looks at your accounts, loans, deposits, and safety deposit accounts if you die or if you can’t handle your accounts because of an accident or other health reasons. He asks the reader point blank, “Do you have a Will? Do you have a Trust? Do you have a POA?”

If you answer no to any of his questions – he’ll get right in your face and question whether you love your family or not! Why? If you die, you have it easy. You’re dead. Your family will have to deal with all the crap you left behind!

Nunneley tells it like it is and often quips he never thought he’d grow up to be a banker – no one does! If you want to know things bankers should tell you but don’t, you’ll enjoy reading 10 Financial Tips for You and Your Family.


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2017-12-13 Show

Special Guest: Jorden Susewitz  

has spent years in the woods pursuing whatever game he could hunt. Growing up, Jorden enjoyed watching and learning skills from outdoor television. Susewitz found the art of outdoor videography intriguing; however, he wasn’t nearly as fascinated by how big a buck the hunter shot, but rather, about how the cameraman captured the moment on video. Jordan recognized the beauty of the art of videography early on and became passionate about capturing moments through a video camera lens. Over the last 10 years he has grown from making his own home videos to producing a TV show (Predator Hunter Outdoors TV) and filming many commercials, advertisements, shooting magazine ad’s and cover photos. Recently, he interned with Become 1 a TV show on the Sportsman Channel. Over the last 5 years, he also created and operated a Michigan-based predator hunting competition as well as a nation-wide virtual predator hunt. Whether producing moments-in-time to final video products or out in the field capturing fresh “takes”, Jorden wants to teach the next generation of videographers and help grow companies by giving them cutting edge video for their public outreach!


2017-11-22 Show

Special Guest Brian Beyer,

past manager of a Dunham's Sporting Good Store in both the UP of Michigan and Gaylord in Mid-Lower Michigan. Brian has hunted with crossbow, compound bow, rifle and muzzle loader from tree stands, stalking and standard blinds. He's also a superb small mouth bass fisherman.


2017-10-11 Show

Inaugural Broadcast

Mike & Kim discuss their plans for the new show, and why they created the Family Wild Project.


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