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The Music Industry Hour 
with Curtis Smith

4th Thursdays @ 11pm Eastern / 8pm Pacific Time

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Curtis Smith:

The ArtistFirst Radio Network is proud to have music industry veteran Curtis Smith on board with his one hour program The Music Industry Hour.  Curtis began his music industry career as a studio and sound reinforcement engineer before entering the music business as a scout for a production company in the early 90's. From there, Curtis started working for such labels as American Recordings, Giant Records and All American Music before moving on to Interscope Records in the public relations field and later to start his own firm Maelstrom PR.  Curtis has been involved in public relations for such artists as No Doubt, Marilyn Manson, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Ron Sexsmith, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Aquabats, Primus, Helmet, and Rocket From the Crypt among many others. For almost 2 decades Maelstrom PR has continued to work with bands and record labels of all genres and is also called upon to handle crisis pr management situations as well as creating strategies for non profit corporations.


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October 2014


August 2014

Featuring the Music of Tripod, McHoodoo, and Salt

July 2014





Will Rodrigez  DJ Host of Gemrico Radio


Join Curtis as he talks to colleague and marketing/ radio promoter Lenny Lasalandra about independent bands and the topic of expectations while touching on their involvement with Tupac Shakur, No Doubt, You Will Know Them By the Trail of Dead, and other artists.  Music by World5, tB5, and Jussy.


Special Guest: Entertainment Attorney Ben McLane


Join Curtis as he talks with Jason Heath and Jason Federici from the band Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls, where they discuss their relationship with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/ The Nightwatchmen) Nels Cline, Wayne Kramer, and promoting the cause dedicated to former E-Street band member and Jason's father the late Danny Federici and Melanoma Research and Awareness.


Join Curtis as he discusses copyright law and its effect on the digital music industry, the recent history of file sharing and peer to peer dilemma the music industry faced and how the RIAA got involved to stop pirating in the digital age, who was affected and why.  Also listen in as he explains how I Tunes defused the situation to create a formula that is now considered the standard to legal music downloads, as well as how to share music legally.  Music by Charles Law, Naked In Public, VII, and David Ricard


Join Curtis as he explains music licensing, who is involved why, how to get paid, who pays and what you can expect to get paid when getting placement in advertising, reality television, sitcoms, movies film and video games.  Music from artist includes Charles Law, Dan Exactly, tb5, David Ricard Big Band and Naked In Public.


Join Curtis as he starts a 3-part series on the business of music copyrights and publishing.  In this hour, Curtis describes what copyrights and publishing are and how they are so important in the music industry today.  Also in the hour, Curtis dissects a song by its lyrics, melody, and performance, followed by the roll a publisher plays in an artist's career as well as where and why record labels want to obtain publishing rights from artists, and how producers play an important role for both labels and artists.  Songs included are from the artist known as VII, Jussy, World5 The David Ricard Big Band, and Charles Law.


In this edition of The Music Industry Hour Curtis pays homage to the legendary talents, public relations successes, and the outstanding business savvy of the late Michael Jackson by broadcasting from the Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos California. Music on this weeks show comes from AFIRMRecords recording artist and California Outlaw Charles Law, Dan Exactly, The artist known simply as VII, Naked In Public, and The Secret City from Sydney Australia.  For Video of drive up to Neverland Ranch Click Here


In this hour Curtis discusses management on all levels and the important role they play in the careers of bands both signed and unsigned.  Featuring music by the band SALT from Christ Church New Zealand.


Curtis talks about the process of the recording process and how to properly promote your music that fits in time with how the major label does it for their artist rosters.


Curtis discusses Booking agencies and what attracts them to work with independent bands, their daily routines and what makes them tick, and how a band can attract them. Music by artists Magic Brook, The Secret City, Salt, and Naked In Public


Curtis discusses the anatomy of a major record label and all that is involved with each department.  Special music guest in this week's program is Doug Fergus from the band Naked In Public as he discusses his working relationship with legendary producer Sylvia Massy, his studio experience at Loud Palace in Weed CA, and what makes his music sound like a cross between Weird Al Yankovic and Frank Zappa.


Curtis discusses Band Touring


Special Guest


Dan Exactly


The music industry can be a tough nut to crack when trying to get involved in it, however Curtis discusses how to go about it and describes in detail the best way to accomplish your goals of breaking in.  Topics related to songwriters and bands looking for a record deal, to people just looking to get a job at a record label or a recording studio as a session player or engineer, and the proper way to network with the right people to get where you want to go.


Introductory Program: Zman interviews CURTIS SMITH CEO Maelstrom PR and host of the new show Music Industry Hour