Files for the January 2012 Bigfoot Central Show

Photohaus 1

Photo haus 1

Photohaus 2

Photo haus 2.


Patricia's beadwork 1


/Patricia's beadwork 2


Roger Paterson's Bigfoot Bust


Don & MK holding Paterson Bigfoot Bust


Bob & MK


Bob's Signature on poster


MK & Patricia Paterson


McClarin tote comparison animation


The first pilot


Pilot with celebs


Bob Titmus Comparison


Titmus older comparison


Argosy article hunting season



Argosy article gvt. forrestry officer


Bloody thing best

Bloody Thing cropped enlarged


Dog find animation with arrow

/Dog presence in both films animation


Red hole stack

Red hole stack 1

 Thumb platen for af

/Notice Creek and Bluff Creek bridges

Filmsite comparison 1


Bluff Creek Cables at Bluff Creek Comparison


Sticks from Bluff Creek


Film site 1 (Courtesy of Peter Burne)

/FILM SIGHT 003 (Courtesy of Peter Burne)


Click to hear Bruce Macabee testifie about the red hole