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I have come up to this place to stay. The other one met with an untimely death one year ago; dishonored, insulted, and stripped of flesh; the men thought him to be an object of care, whom I looked after, considered crazed, wandering in mind, to be tossed about as if in a wind; to perish, streamed with blood. On Samos I was respected and honored, of blessed lot or fortune, with a body of slaves, and so many olive trees; also, and I planted them, a peg to hang anything upon! Men punished me with exile to exact retribution for a debt; meanwhile, I remain a rabbit. I Zakyneros, just like a prophet, out of reach of mortal man, I am fleeing and am very afraid. I am dross, scum, refuse, just as on board ship, a soft effeminate sailor is flayed with an animal's hide, or all who speak offensively are beaten with a cane; but after a very short time the hurtful and destructive ones may be satisfied; at an unseasonable time I remain to protect from the wet, rainy south, the ravine. Very much harvest is gathered in, very much is in the woody dell and glen, very many bags of young deer. Very many hides with delicate, luxuriant hair; by the channel of a river, swift - flowing. Very much is given by the gods, the best kind of gift, to call upon the gods for again and again, at the unseasonable time I become hollow from hunger.





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